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Thread: The name game
Harrison 16:56 18th May 2007
I thought I would start a little name game. The rules are simple. First I will name an Amiga game starting with the letter A. The next member has to post a game starting with the last letter of that game, and so on.

So for example if I started with the game A-Train, the next member would have to post the name of a game starting with N. If they posted the game Nebulus then the next person would then need to name a game starting with the later S.

Note that there is a 10 letter minimum post limit on the site, so you may need to post something before the game you name such as "The Next Game is:"

So lets get started. The first game is:

Submeg 23:02 18th May 2007
Atom Smasher
Harrison 23:17 18th May 2007
The next one is:

Teho 08:30 19th May 2007
Escape from The Planet of The Robot Monsters.

The best title for a game in the history of games.
Puni/Void 09:13 19th May 2007
Storm Accross Europe (from SSI)
AlexJ 09:13 19th May 2007
Eye of the Beholder
Puni/Void 09:27 19th May 2007
Rick Dangerous
J T 10:40 19th May 2007
Stunt Car Racer
TiredOfLife 11:00 19th May 2007
The next is Road Rash
Submeg 11:55 19th May 2007
Hit the Target
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