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Thread: The name game
Puni/Void 07:56 22nd May 2007

Bought it original a short while after it was released, but the game was a huge disappointment in my eyes.
Harrison 11:54 22nd May 2007

I originally played this game on the Acorn Archimedes at school! Our computer lessons were great. The IT was so easy that we had it completed within 10 minutes of the class starting. We then spent the rest of the lesson playing games and mucking around with all the other programs we had "acquired".
Toasty667 13:30 22nd May 2007
Next Game: Doodlebug
Harrison 13:42 22nd May 2007
Toasty667 15:19 22nd May 2007
Next up: Gloom
Demon Cleaner 15:58 22nd May 2007
Harrison 16:47 22nd May 2007
Puni/Void 08:11 23rd May 2007
Speaking of Doom-clones, here is another one:

Nemac IV
Harrison 12:27 23rd May 2007

Really crap side scrolling platform game. I got this free as part of a bundle of free games I received when I ordered Dungeon Master. It had elements of Rygar mixed with the ability to morph between a woman and a wolf.

The only redeeming feature of the game was that the girl was modelled on that fit blonde one from Beverly Hills 90210 (Kelly, played by Jenny Garth) and the A2 poster that accompanied the game sported her in a very small fur bikini. Great when you are only 12 at the time!
Demon Cleaner 14:58 23rd May 2007
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