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Poll: How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
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How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
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    Thread: How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
    Harrison 11:33 9th May 2007
    So how old were you when you got your first Amiga?

    I was trying to remember this and I think I had just left secondary school as I saved up that summer to get one, so I must have been 16/17. Quite late owning my first Amiga, although I had been a fan and using them for years at friends houses and in a store where you could rent time on them (a bit like an internet cafe today).

    Before that I has an Atari ST since I was about 14, and an Amstrad CPC before that from the age of about 8 or 9.
    Demon Cleaner 12:45 9th May 2007
    Probably 17, don't know exactly. I got my C64 in 1983 and had it for some years, some years later I got the amiga. I surely had one when I was 18, because at that time I had a girlfriend, and she always liked to play Twintris on it, after playing with my stic......
    Toasty667 15:23 9th May 2007
    When was the A1200 released? That may give me some idea lol
    Harrison 15:32 9th May 2007
    The A1200 was released in 1992.
    Toasty667 15:35 9th May 2007
    I'd say I was between 12-14 then. Too tough that one.
    Teho 16:40 9th May 2007
    I was 15. 100% sure, the money I got for my birthday/Confirmation that year was the last I needed to afford one.
    Harrison 16:47 9th May 2007
    I sadly remember such a year saving up for an Amiga for the whole year (aged 13) and reaching Xmas and my birthday. My parents could only afford to give my 50 towards it and at that time the A500 was still 399 and I only had 250 So the worst thing happened. I bought an Atari ST instead!
    Stephen Coates 17:38 9th May 2007
    Probably about 7 or 8.
    v85rawdeal 11:02 13th May 2007
    I bought my CPC when I was 16 (1986), Got the ST in 1988 And have worked out that I got the Amiga in 1990 (which means I was 19), which is a little sooner than I thought. Mind you, I was able to pay 50 a month rather than pay it all off in one lump sum.
    TiredOfLife 13:37 13th May 2007
    Bought an A500Plus when I was 18.
    Hadn't been working that long.
    Dad couldn't understand why I was wasting my money on it.
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