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Poll: How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
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How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
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    Thread: How old were you when you got your first Amiga?
    Harrison 14:57 15th September 2008
    He he! Oldest ploy in the book! I got my very first computer, an Amstrad CPC464, using that "method". I never used that for school work but it did teach me the basics of programming I suppose, and it did get me interested in more than just playing games. I did however used both my Atari ST and then Amigas for school, college, and some Uni work.
    [Reply] 13:56 23rd October 2008
    I got my A500Plus when I was 10, it was a christmas present - if I remember correctly, it was the Cartoon Classics pack with Lemmings, Captain Planet, Bart vs Space Mutants, Deluxe Paint III and Workbench 2.04
    vitalik 15:04 30th December 2008
    Hi all,

    I was 13, my first amiga was A600 (it was in 1993) - what a great experince!

    Good luck!
    Anemos 15:40 30th December 2008
    i think 22-23 i got my A1200,i sell it ,and after 18 years i buy 2 of them! with accelerators and more extras.. hehe
    is the time to i thank the FOL guy for many helps !

    xpect 21:31 7th January 2009
    September 1988 - 17 years old.

    Remember as good as today. Entered the store to buy an AtariST because of MIDI and left out with an A500. I just can't thank enough the sales person.
    He pushed me to the A500 because it was more expensive, i know, but was the better option by far!
    Shoonay 09:34 16th June 2009
    19th Novemeber of 1993 - 12 years old
    Tiago 00:42 31st January 2010
    I never notice this topic.
    It was in 25-10-1990 i think, i got my A500. 14 years old, it was my birthday present.

    One week before a friend of my father show us the Atari ST with captain bood and i almost had a heart attack... it was set. i would have an Atari ST, but in my birthday my fathercame with the A500, THANK YOU DAD !!!!! it was the best present in my life!!!!
    Wots 17:43 9th February 2010
    December 1990 - 14 years old
    Phantom 22:44 15th March 2010
    My first computer (if you call it) was an Atari 2600 in 1982 (4 years old). My first Amiga, 24th March of 1991 (A500); 13 years old.
    Menace 16:27 12th March 2011
    I think it was 1990 so i would be 19,seems like a very distant memory indeed...
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