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Poll: What did you own before the Amiga?
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What did you own before the Amiga?
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    Thread: What did you own before the Amiga?
    Harrison 11:22 9th May 2007
    What computer system did you own before you owned an Amiga?

    If you owned more than one system before the Amiga then just select the last one you owned prior to the Amiga.

    For me it was the Atari ST, and before that the Amstrad CPC.
    Demon Cleaner 12:52 9th May 2007
    Don't need to mention it I think. I also had a Videopac G7000, but then again, that was no computer.

    I was in the UK (Brentford) for a week during easter 1982 because of a soccer tournament, and was lodged in a family. Their youngest son had my age, and had a ZX Spectrum. We played, when not playing soccer on the field, Attic Attac all the time. That was the first time I played on a computer. One year later I got my C64.
    Submeg 14:32 9th May 2007
    I was four. The Amiga was there before I was.
    Toasty667 15:18 9th May 2007
    Submeg 15:29 9th May 2007
    Lol so true.
    Merlin 16:07 9th May 2007
    OK, in chronological order as best as I can remember....

    Atari 2600
    Atari 400XL - crappy membrane keys version
    VIC-20 - my first "proper" computer
    Spectrum 48K - rubber keys version - nicknamed Brain Damage because it crashed so often
    Dragon 32 - crappity crap crap
    C64 - shared with my Dad - behold Excalibur, all hail the C64 !!
    Amiga 500+
    Amiga 600 - the best machine I owned before getting into an IBM Model 30 PC...

    Christ, I feel ancient now....BTW, I bought most of these myself by doing paper rounds, apart from the 500+ which my Dad got me for Xmas.

    I guess that deep down my fondest memories are of Commodore machines.

    Harrison 16:19 9th May 2007
    You had an Atari 2600 too. I still have mine and it works perfectly. Great nostalgia trip every time I plug it in and use those sliding metal control switches.
    Submeg 16:21 9th May 2007
    Nice collection you have used Merlin
    Teho 16:31 9th May 2007
    I had several C64s before I bought the Amiga. Have some real fond memories with those. There were just so many great games made for it. Only bad thing is I never got a disk drive for any of them, always sat and used those damn tapes that took ages to load anything. But that was some of the system's charm I think. Loading for several minutes, just sitting and waiting and hoping the dreaded LOAD ERROR wouldn't appear once it was done!
    Harrison 16:43 9th May 2007
    I have fond memories of using tapes with my Amstrad CPC464. And due to the tape deck being built into the system it was very reliable compared to all the other 8-bit systems I had used that friends owned. I cannot actually remember a tape not loading.

    I did used to like the loading screens that built up as you waited for the game to load. And the mad multicoloured compression lines that would madly flicker on screen (similar techniques were used often in cracked game releases on the Amiga to squeeze a multi disk game onto a single disk) in time to the tape loading sounds. They warn people about flashing lights and effects in games and films these days? Those are nothing compared to tape loading screens. Anyone who had fits must have been on the ground dancing around for hours after one of those!
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