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Poll: What did you own before the Amiga?
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What did you own before the Amiga?
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    Thread: What did you own before the Amiga?
    Harrison 23:34 4th March 2009
    Ah, the US version of the Sinclair ZX81. Now that is an old computer for sure, and definitely not that powerful.

    Of course, the ZX81 does still serve a purpose and is quite useful...

    As a door stop!
    coze 05:08 27th April 2009
    my first computer was a Lazer 100. Which was a TSR 80 clone now I see
    Then I got C64 and finally an A500.
    Shoonay 09:33 16th June 2009
    Ami was my first system
    outlawal2 19:27 29th October 2009
    Commodore Vic 20
    Commodore 64
    Commodore 128
    Amiga 500
    Amiga 2000

    Then over to the PC world...
    And more recently a few Macs...
    And an Efika with Morph OS...

    And back to an Amiga 2000!
    Phantom 23:26 6th March 2010
    I started my computer journey in 1982 with an Atari 2600. The next year I upgraded(!) to an Atari 130XE. In 1985 I bought an Amstrad CPC 6128 for 5 years.

    But as far I can see, I'm the only one here who has an Amstrad CPC machine before Amiga.

    Well, to say the truth, Amstrads where far more popular in Greece than Spectrums or C64.
    Harrison 12:05 7th March 2010
    I had an Amstrad CPC464 with colour monitor as my first computer, so you are not alone. However, I then owned an Atari 520 STFM from 1987 to 1990 before finally buying my first Amiga, so it wasn't what I owned before the Amiga.
    optiguy 19:36 7th March 2010
    I had an Magnavox Odyssey 2, a C64, then the A1000
    1980-20.. 21:18 7th March 2010
    Magnavox?. Hmmmmm. Why does that sound familiar, oh i know check it outtttttt!!.

    Leonard Nimoy
    Buleste 22:21 7th March 2010
    The theme tune sounds as though it's from an 80's americanised manga and how come the rock was better acting than Leonard Nimoy with a gay porn star moustache?
    oldgit 13:30 28th December 2010
    Hi Guys
    Your poll only allows for a single choice, (radio buttons) as I owned a number of machines before I could afford an Amiga (loved the 1000, years ahead any of the competition, but out of my price range at the time.) The first machines I owned were home built from various chips around the old Z80 chip, on a single step or slow clock with lots of LED's so I could see what was going on, (I did build some expensive Americian kits for the local college, as I ran the first computer club in my town!) My first real one was the ZX80, again in kit form, (it was cheaper) which I upgraded to the ZX81 with the new ROM and keyboard overlay! I stayed with Sinclair for the Spectrum and the QL, then a few second-hand PC's, until the A500 arrived, first one I could afford, loved it; the graphics were better than anything I'd seen thus far! The A1200 was my all time favourite, the things you could do to that machine in a big box with lots of add-ons was mind- blowing and kept me amused for months! As I ran a computer shop at a large Sunday market for a few years, I aquired many Amiga models and parts which I used to repair the busted models for resale, learned lots (most of which I seem to have forgoten,) but I do remember the pleasure that the Amiga gave me! Modern machines just seem to wind me up, especially Windoze, I have a Linux box which gives some pleasure, but my USB radio link won't work on it, so I'm forced to use Windoze for the NET!
    Sorry guys, this is turning into a life story, Love the forum by the way!
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