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Poll: What did you own before the Amiga?
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What did you own before the Amiga?
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    Thread: What did you own before the Amiga?
    rbelk 15:32 19th October 2007
    My Computer/Game console history as best as I can remember.

    --- video games ---------------------------
    atari 2600
    atari lynx

    --- computers -----------------------------
    Z/80 S-100
    atari 800
    tandy coco 2
    tandy coco 3
    amiga 500
    atari portfolio
    amiga 3000

    I started computing around 1978, yeah I'm an old fart...
    Buleste 12:57 19th November 2007
    Atari 2600
    Toshiba MSX
    Gameboy housebrick
    Zetr0 21:02 22nd January 2008
    In the dawn of time, many moons ago.... where men were REAL men, woment were REAL women and small furry creatures from alpha centari were REAL small furry creatures from Alpha Centari!

    okay... some times douglas adams is funny... but before we got the Deep thought known as the Amiga heres a little History.... Zetty style

    before REAL computers we had a Binatone game console, this was an orange plastic nasty with two padles and no game expandability other than the 8 games built in....

    then there was the Database thingy, which was a white monster with crontrols the size of analogue phone receivers of yawn... (had a great boxing game or so i remember)

    then there was the Atari 2600 VCS... oh.... wow .... gaming heaven... pole position, defender, space invaders.... ahh.... tanks.... clearly gaming fun!

    then there was darkenss.... not much happend... we moved home when i was about 9 and my father decided i would learn how to solder, so at 9 and half i built my first computer... a ZX80 Kit built monster... burnt myself a few times too!!
    it had 1k of ram.... it was a GOD of a machine! after the follwing year with the addition of a 16k rampack / curra speach unit and kempston interface! ahhh such joy...

    then got a Zx Spectrum 48k, rubber key bonanza, then a Commodore 64, i was the envy of my friends at skool for having BOTH systems!!! ahhh.... gamming was good and life was better

    then i got for my 11th birthday a zx48k + drastic plastic keyboard..... then whe iw as about 12/13 i got an Atari ST which was soon repleced by an A500 .... ahh what a day.....
    Castelle 16:23 29th May 2008
    The first computer I owned was the C64
    then the C64C, then a PeeCee then an A1200
    At the same time a powerful Linux PC then a Mac, then its gets complicated after that because I owned loads of the things and is impossible to back track.
    my_lo 08:11 25th June 2008
    I was 11 when i received my first computer, the almighty C64. I still remember the "poke 53280,1" and the first time i coded a space-invader-like in basic, it was awesome and i was so proud. There was a guy in my street who had found a way, via code, to write in the external cader, he had earned respect
    Then i bought an Amiga 500 followed by an Amiga 1200 and finally the first pc of a long serie...
    rayzorblue 16:25 25th June 2008
    I first broke my computer cherry on the old C64, the first game I played on it I think was Radar Rat Race (a cartridge) I could be wrong though. I loved my C64 with all my heart it sat at the end of my bed where I would lie and play it for hours on end. I love the memory's of Dad day when I used to let my Dad play on the C64 all day and just watch him and laugh, until he actually got so far on centipede (or millipede cant remember) that the game just crashed, brilliant. We got a disk drive for it and I had my beloved speedking joystick to play on it (Dad had an actual joystick from the cockpit of a plane that he converted into a playable joystick, he got it from my uncle who worked at ferranti). We did have an old orange pong machine before that (cant remember what it was actually called though) and then one day Dad brought home the Amiga 500 and the love for the C64 waned but never died. Since then I have had and still own many machines including the C64 and Amiga 500 I also have an N64, Dreamcast, PSone, Gamecube, Wii, DS, two PC's and several small old skool handheld games (game and watch etc). I have also owned an NES, Master System, Megadrive, SNES and a few PC's.

    I forgot I had a gameboy too, that was a great christmas with tetris.
    [Reply] 17:42 28th July 2008
    I owned two systems before I got my first Amiga (which was an A500+)

    I owned an Amstrad CPC6128 but before that, I owned a machine not listed here, a Commodore C16

    Demon Cleaner 17:46 28th July 2008
    The C16 looks really nice, but I never had one. I still have a C116 though. You can have a look here what computers/consoles of us still own.
    Rossi 11:18 12th January 2009
    Hello there

    I lived in The Netherlands in the 80's.

    Back then in 1986 i saw our first computer , it was a commodore 64 , my friends already had it for years already but we had to wait untill the prices where a bit friendlier.
    Nowadays i have 10 commodore 64's and repaired a few , just to keep these machines for future.
    If you play a game on that machine you apreciate it more.
    These new computers with almost real images in games are not so interesting and i think it is dangerous for children , they're losing there real life experiance.

    If you play a game on an Amiga you're seeing that it is not real so it stays a computergame for you.


    A2000 , 68030 , 1mb chip , 8 fast , vector scsi .
    A2000's several setups
    A1200 , 68030 ,2mb chip ,2 mb fast , 4,3 gig ext. hd , scsi expansion.
    A1200 several setups , original , with hd .
    A500's several setups
    Commodore PC40III 286-12 ( still running )
    Commodore PC 486-sx
    KatManDEW 20:02 4th March 2009
    I started with a Timex-Sinclair TS1000. Then I got a TS2068, and eventually a Sinclair QL. The same year that I got my QL, I got an Amiga 1000.
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