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Poll: What did you own before the Amiga?
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What did you own before the Amiga?
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    Thread: What did you own before the Amiga?
    Submeg 00:41 11th May 2007
    lol, nice.
    Harrison 01:31 11th May 2007
    At the time I was very happy with the CPC464, but these days looking back on the history of computers and the 8-bit era I do kind of wish I had gone for a C64 instead of the CPC.

    Not because of the hardware, but because the C64 was the first computer to start off much of the initial demo scene, and not owning one meant I missed that. Also there were many games the C64 enjoyed that were quite revolutionary and were not seen ported to other 8-bit formats. Although the other formats also enjoyed the majority of the most famous titles as well as their own.

    The C64 did also have the superior SID sound, compared to the CPC's 3 channel yamaha chip (which the Spectrum and BBC Micro also shared), but the CPC did better in other areas.

    When coded correctly the CPC's graphics were better than the C64s, but sadly this wasn't often apparent in games as many developers tended to just directly port Spectrum games to the CPC without improving the graphics at all, giving the impression that the CPCs graphics were not that different to a Spectrum but without the colour clash. The CPC CPU was also clocked at 4MHz compared to the C64's 1MHz.

    The other area was loading times. The C64 suffered from really slow tape and disk loading speeds compared to any other format, and like the Spectrum tape loading wasn't that reliable. The CPC with it's built in tape or disk drive never failed to load a game of application unless the actual media was damaged.
    Demon Cleaner 01:33 11th May 2007
    Do you really think that such a lame-o like god, even though he's not existing, would have come up with such a brilliant piece of hardware?
    Harrison 01:56 11th May 2007
    Definitely not! The C64, and any gaming system for that matter, had to be conceived by the devil! Only he would know the meaning of fun!
    J T 20:10 12th May 2007
    We had a Speccy before the a500, but I don't really remember what model it was, I think it was a 48k though.....

    During and since the A500 times we had
    Nintendo Gameboys (the original monochrome bad boy)
    Some crappy PCs including a sh1t 286, a slightly less sh!t 386, a good-at-the-time P133
    Master System
    toomanymikes 21:58 14th August 2007
    I had a Nes prior to the A500 - it was ace but started to turn black and white for about 5 mins when you switched it on now and again.
    Over the years I have owned:
    Spectrum 48k - rubber keys! (it melted - no lie)
    Amiga 500
    Atari ST -my wee bro's old comp
    IBM 386
    IBM 486
    IBM P90
    Gameboy - a gf's sister gave me it for my playstation
    Playstation 2 - why I gave her my playstation
    Some crappy Pentium II which I spent more money than I like to think about upgrading for Uni work
    Playstation 2 again - first one broke 2 days after the 1 year warranty
    Sony VGN-A117S laptop - which I'm writing this on now
    Nintendo Wii
    Playstation 3
    Amiga 600 - my gf's old computer from her childhood - its broke
    Amiga 1200 w/HD and Kickstart 3.1 - due to arrive tomorrow!
    FOL 14:25 18th August 2007
    For me it was a long list, but last thing before Amiga was (if i remember correctly) a SEGA Master System, or was it a GameGear, hell cant remember, lol.
    Bloodwych 16:22 1st September 2007
    My path of computer and console gaming was as follows:


    Vic20 -> Spectrum 48k -> Spectrum 128K -> Spectrum +2 -> Atari ST -> Amiga 500 -> Amiga 500+ -> Amiga 1200HD -> AMD 586 PC -> various other forms of PC


    Megadrive -> SNES -> Playstation -> XBOX -> PSP

    Consoles never interested me until I saw Ghouls N Ghosts, Golden Axe and Revenge of Shinobi on the Megadrive. Then I had to have one due to the near perfect arcade conversions.
    StuKeith 21:30 6th September 2007
    Computer wise I had an Spectrum +2, an Nes, and think a gameboy/gear

    In total I have owned/still owned

    Spectrum +2
    BBC Micro B
    Game Boy * 2
    Game gear * 3
    Playstation 2
    Atari Lynx
    Atari JAguar
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Dreamcast
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo Wii
    Acorn Electron
    Atari 2600


    A500, A500+, A600, A600HD, A1200, A1200HD, A1500

    Im sure I have had some others, that I cant remember what.
    Demon Cleaner 05:56 7th September 2007
    We also have a nice poll/thread where you can post your acquisitions.

    Poll here
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