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Poll: What did you own before the Amiga?
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What did you own before the Amiga?
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    Thread: What did you own before the Amiga?
    Submeg 16:46 9th May 2007
    So what was the purpose of the flashing colours?
    Harrison 16:49 9th May 2007
    I don't know how it worked, but the compression routines were tied into the loading screen colours. Anyone else here know how it worked?
    AlexJ 16:51 9th May 2007
    Originally Posted by Submeg:
    So what was the purpose of the flashing colours?
    It's something to do with it writing to the video display register while it's 'decrunching'. See
    Stephen Coates 17:36 9th May 2007

    I had borrowed the A500/600 from the school which i bought mine from eventually during the summer holidays for a couple of years previous, and I had also used someone's PowerBook 1400 and Atari ST, but only a couple of times, and of course various Macs and BBCs in school, but non I actually owned or had access to all the time.
    Puni/Void 08:15 10th May 2007
    Before I got an Amiga 500, I had an SVI Spectravideo (MSX). The specs of the machine was pretty good compared to many systems of the day, but sadly there wasn't that many who owned them in Norway. Therefore it was hard to get hold of games. That fortunately changed when I got my Amiga.
    Harrison 09:41 10th May 2007
    Wasn't the Spectravideo compatible with Coleco and MSX software?
    v85rawdeal 17:26 10th May 2007
    Like Harrison, before I got my A500, my previous systems were an Atari ST and before that a CPC464 (Mind you I had them all set up as I never got rid of any)

    Since then, I have upgraded to an A1200.

    But I have also owned the following:

    Sega Master System
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Playstation 1
    Playstation 2 x 4 (Sold one, traded one, still have two at the moment)
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo Wii
    PSP x2
    And a PC and Laptop (which I got because it was easier than using the PSP as my main internet system)
    Harrison 18:08 10th May 2007
    WOW! exactly the same order of computers. Spooky. Well, except for the Atari 2600 which I owned before the others.

    I still owned the CPC and ST for many years after purchasing my first Amiga and also had them all setup together on a huge purpose built computer desk that was built into the room and spanned the whole length of one wall on two levels (one for the computers and one for the monitors).

    Over the years I've owned/own the following myself (in roughly the order of purchase):

    Atari 2600
    Amstrad CPC464 (sold to a guy I worked with)
    Atari 520 STFM (sold on ebay after the internal PSU died - still got 50 for it )
    Amiga A600
    Gameboy B/W
    Amiga A1200
    Playstation 1
    A4000/40 (bought from a friend at university)
    A500plus (gift from a friend)
    A500 1.3 (1.60 on ebay, fully working )
    A500 1.2 (free from a visitor to classicamiga )
    A1200 (gift from a friend)
    Playstation 2
    N64 x3 (all purchased cheaply on ebay with a ton of games)
    PC (many over the years - currently have 5 working ones I use regularly + 2 laytops)

    Is there more? I forget. I've listed most of these before on the old forum somewhere a few times.
    Demon Cleaner 18:26 10th May 2007
    Originally Posted by :
    I've listed most of these before on the old forum somewhere a few times.
    It was on this forum. Here is the thread:
    TiredOfLife 00:40 11th May 2007
    C64 for me.
    On day 7 God said, sod this for a lark, I'm bored of all this resting.
    And so he brought forth the C64.
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