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Poll: Do you still own Amigas today?
Do you still own Amigas today?
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    Thread: Do you still own Amigas today?
    Harrison 11:16 9th May 2007
    So, do you still own real Amigas today?
    Demon Cleaner 12:57 9th May 2007
    Only A500 and A1200. But also own the CDTV and CD32.
    Merlin 13:26 9th May 2007
    Yep, an A500, an 500+, an A600 and three A1200s in various stages of repair, see the "first Amiga" poll for more lowdown as I would just be repeating myself.

    Submeg 14:29 9th May 2007
    A500 I have stashed away
    Teho 16:25 9th May 2007
    Yep. An A500, A600 and an A600HD. Also three PCs (only one in use) two C64s, a C128 and I think a Sharp MZ-700 which I believe is sitting in the attic at my grandmother's, unless it's been binned. I plan to try and find it one day. Old and completely useless system, which is half the fun!
    AlexJ 16:32 9th May 2007
    An A600 which won't read any disks at the moment (going to have to have another go at getting it working) and an A1200.
    Stephen Coates 17:45 9th May 2007
    Both Amigas and PCs and others.
    Puni/Void 19:52 9th May 2007
    I currently have three Amigas. One Amiga 1200, one 500, and one CD32. I mostly use the Amiga 1200 for Demoscene purposes.
    v85rawdeal 17:36 10th May 2007
    Have an A1200, with a 4.3gb hard drive.

    Plus the PSP running UAEPSP, and my PCs.
    TiredOfLife 23:47 10th May 2007
    Two A1200s.
    One in use and one in bits.
    Also have a C64.
    No pc although there is one in the house.
    It belongs to the missus.
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