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Poll: Do you still own Amigas today?
Do you still own Amigas today?
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    Thread: Do you still own Amigas today?
    Harrison 23:25 4th March 2009
    Are they upgraded KatManDEW?
    coze 05:44 27th April 2009
    I have two A500+'s one with A530, one with derringer 030. One A3000 with CV64 and X-Surf (which is my main miggy), one A4000 with CSPPC, X-Surf, CVPPC, Delfina Lite. This is a beast but it's not being used much now, I'm waiting to get a indivision4000 for it. I have a A600 in a custom PC case and finally a A1200 with blizzard 1220. Unfortunately it doesn't have a keyboard at the moment That's one of the items in my shopping list. (A500 keyboard)
    Harrison 14:36 27th April 2009
    Some nice setups Coze. I haven't used my A4000 much recently either. I tend to just fire up my A1200 as I mainly run real Amigas for gaming these days via WHDLoad and ClassicWB.
    coze 15:09 27th April 2009
    actually, one of the reasons that A3000 is getting more use is A3000 has Classic Workbench installed and A4000 has OS 3.9 and OS 4.0 classic. Classic Workbench is much more useful (well for gaming and basic browsing/downloading) than the other two.

    Darn you Bloodwych you killed my A4000 !
    Actually I have the Cwb OS 3.9 package, and I set it up in WinUAE too, but haven't gotten around to getting it on the A4000. Or did I I really should fire up that miggy and see what's going on (just no time)
    Bloodwych 11:18 15th June 2009
    Sorry coze. Your A4000 will be putting a price on my head. Quickly give it some use or I'm in for it from some silent assassin!
    Shoonay 11:18 15th June 2009
    Of course I still have my precious first Amiga 600 I got on the 19 november of 1993, plus 2 x 1200's "saved" from my friends from back-in-the-days that have no idea how fun it still is.
    Plus a PC.
    outlawal2 19:33 16th October 2009
    Yes I do own an Amiga.. (Just recently picked up a 2000HD just like the one I had as a teenager!)
    Along with this machine I have 5 PC desktop machines with various versions of Windows on them... Everything from 98 all the way to Vista... Several multiboot boxes in there that have Various flavors of Linux on them... My current favorite is Ubuntu Studio.. Jaunty Jackalope... Pretty good stuff Jaunty is!

    I also have 4 or 5 laptops also with different flavors of Windows and one with SLES11 on it just for the Hell of it...

    On the MAC side of things I have two MACS.. Both of them older PPC boxes (Can pick these up fairly cheap) One is a 450MHZ Graphite PowerMAC and the other a newer dual-processor PowerMac with the aluminum chassis... NICE

    All of the above-mentioned machines are networked together in an AD domain with support for Samba so I can still use/see/share files with the Linux boxes as well as the MACS.

    I also have one lonely MorphOS Efika box that I can't seem to get connected to the network. (Trying to setup Samba on this box is a BITCH and getting usable documentation is nearly impossible...)

    And now one lonely Amiga that I just ordered a new flicker fixer for... Eventually want to update this machine so I can run Amiga OS 3.5 and connect it to the rest of my network, but THAT is quite a ways down the road...
    trahald 13:17 26th December 2009
    CDTV - 1MB Fast
    A1200 - HDD, Cd-Rom, 8MB Fast, 68030 with 68882

    2 PC's, 2 MAC's (PPC and Intel)

    Oh, and Spectrum+ remade into 128 and the floppy
    rbusa 18:03 26th December 2009
    A500 with 68k and 512k Slow
    Cammy 08:20 2nd January 2010
    I own mostly Amigas but I also own an Aros netbook, which is a PC but it doesn't have Windows on it!
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