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Poll: Do you still own Amigas today?
Do you still own Amigas today?
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    Thread: Do you still own Amigas today?
    Harrison 13:37 5th November 2007
    I think we will eventually have to have a XXX rated section on the site at this rate! So many Amiga's with exposed parts we will have to introduce some censorship to the site.
    TiredOfLife 14:12 5th November 2007
    Give em a glimpse to keep em curious.
    sarek2k 03:31 21st December 2007
    I have an A1200 plus 1 to fix up a c64 with 1541 mkII disk drive, several pc's 1 xbox 1 ps2!
    Graham Humphrey 10:31 28th December 2007
    I have an A1200 I use regularly which has an Apollo 040 card with 32MB Fast RAM, a 2.1GB hard drive and a Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA adaptor with a CD-ROM drive.

    Also I have a couple of other broken A1200s (one of which I nicked the floppy drive out of when the one in my current 1200 stopped working) and an A500+ which also went on strike a few years ago.
    Stainy 12:03 28th December 2007
    Got a few A500`s including my original A500 from 1987!
    A1200 with a hdd.. which I cloned and now use in Winuae..

    Got a nice Amiga on my GP2x
    Harrison 17:02 28th December 2007
    I've heard the Amiga emulation on the GP2x is pretty good. Does it run quite fast with good sound emulation? I use the Amiga emulator on the PSP and that runs a lot of stuff at full speed now but still does suffer from some slowdown in specific games.
    Quagmire 18:06 9th January 2008
    Just an A3000, A2000, CDTV and an early A500 with KS 1.2

    My main machine is a Apple mac Quad G5 which I use for Logic pro Audio work.
    eroom 09:22 30th March 2008
    See my sig.
    I only use the 1200 and 3000 on a daily basis though.
    And probably one of the 500's once a month, sometimes prefer using the real thing as opposed to starting winuae for some retro gaming .

    Puni/Void 14:59 30th March 2008
    That's a nice collection of Amiga machines, Eroom. Do you have any expansions for the 1200 and 3000?
    eroom 16:03 2nd April 2008
    I've got a few pg...
    The a1200 has a blizzard 1240 card, subway usb, internal scandoubler, internal cd drive, buffered ide interface and a 4gb hard drive.

    I've only just got the a3000 so am part way through a refurb but at the moment its got a Cybervision 643d card, ram expansion and a buddha card which connects to a 40gb hard drive and a cdrom.
    Oh and a very talented person off another amiga forum is making me a simm adaptor for a full 16mb of ram.

    All my other machines are more or less standard.

    I just love messing about with amigas.

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