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Do you still own Amigas today?
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    Thread: Do you still own Amigas today?
    J T 20:18 12th May 2007
    A500 in the loft at my Mum's house. Last time i tried it the graphics output was a bit shifty, certain games had really flickery sprites which it didn't do before.
    Harrison 14:49 14th May 2007
    Did you have the A500 connected via the crappy external modulator? If so that's probably the only reason for the graphics looking a bit crap. Those A520 modulators don't tend to last as long as the actual Amigas and definitely don't like loft conditions.
    J T 14:54 14th May 2007
    I was using the A520 modulator yes, but remembered that even new, they were rubbish. So to test it I tried using the monochrome composite output on the back of the A500 and the sprite flickering still occured. It was odd as some games didn't do it at all, but others did it like crazy (and some games would be fine for a bit, then shifty for a bit, seemingly at random).
    Harrison 15:38 14th May 2007
    Sounds like a dry joint on one of the custom chips. Or some condensation in the system.
    J T 16:53 14th May 2007
    The loft was very warm and dry so shouldn't be condensation (it could be, but unlikely I suppose) so a dry joint sounds very possible. I did the old flexing the case trick as I heard it can help the chips fall back into their seat if they have popped out slightly - but then somone else said that this was a bit of a myth.

    Either way, I'm not overly fussed at the moment, I have UAE fo any pressing Ami needs. Maybe I'll open it up and have a look but the chances are I'd struggle to find a problem let alone fix it.
    Harrison 17:00 14th May 2007
    The old case flexing trick was for the Atari ST, and did often work. Mine got a bit flaky towards the end of its life and that did often get it to work.
    fudster 15:52 15th June 2007
    I still have my Amiga 2000 and 2500

    Which I will never sell.

    Sharingan 15:09 2nd July 2007
    Still have an A500, and A1200 w/ 120 MB harddrive somewhere. I haven't touched either of them in a looong time (and I seriously doubt they even work anymore), but I'm tempted to give them a try again one of these days.

    Then, there's the problem of the floppy disks - still have boxes full of them, but I bet at least 90% of them have become unreadable by now
    Harrison 15:11 2nd July 2007
    You might be surprised. Most of my old disks still work perfectly and I bet at leas the A1200 still works. The A500 might, but they tend to suffer a bit more and have some motherboard or chip issues.
    Puni/Void 18:53 3rd July 2007
    Sharingan wrote:

    Originally Posted by :
    Then, there's the problem of the floppy disks - still have boxes full of them, but I bet at least 90% of them have become unreadable by now
    Hi Sharingan,

    Do you have any old obscure demos, packs, intros or any other demoscene related stuff in those boxes? Would be very interested to hear about it.
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