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Poll: How did you get your first Amiga?
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How did you get your first Amiga?
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    Thread: How did you get your first Amiga?
    JLPedro 21:20 8th November 2007
    Passed 2 years in front off a shop looking at a wonderfull A500, when finaly convinced my parents to buy me a A500, lucky or not the seller only had an amiga 600 so my first amiga was a A600 1Mb (this was in 1994 and the cost was 299 at current). Some months late i brought a 2nd hand 1084s cause my parents thinked the computer could cause damage tho the tv (and i didn't say otherwise ). A Year later exchanged my a600 for a 2nd hand A1200 (my current amiga). I still own the 1084s.
    eroom 13:02 14th April 2008
    I can remember this well as I had a Commodore plus4 at the time so had been buying all the magazines. As soon as I saw a review of sword of sodan I had to have an amiga so borrowed the money off my uncle and got a 500 and never looked back.

    As soon as the 1200 was announced I had just started working so could afford to buy one as soon as they came out.


    burns flipper 12:14 24th April 2008
    Mum said "If I buy a computer, will you be able to do your homework on it?"

    I said "Yes! Of course I will!"

    Graham Humphrey 13:13 24th April 2008
    I got one as a birthday present when I was five. And the rest, as they cliche, is history.
    Harrison 13:55 24th April 2008
    @Burns Flipper

    Very similar here. But much earlier. In the mid 80's my parents saw that PCs were quickly becoming popular and so looked at the options available. They really wanted to buy me a BBC Micro "to do my school work on" but couldn't afford one, so I ended up with an Amstrad CPC464 for Christmas. Glad they did as the game catalogue was much bigger and it had a colour monitor.
    burns flipper 17:16 25th April 2008
    and did you do any homework on it?

    I didn't...unless you class "Empire building" as homework.
    Harrison 17:37 25th April 2008
    I don't remember doing any on the CPC464, but I did use my ST and then Amiga a lot for homework. Especially graphics and word processing.
    v85rawdeal 19:59 25th April 2008
    I think one of the reasons I have teken so much care with my computers was that I bought them all myself, as no-one could afford to buy me one for birthday or christmas. Having said that, I did buy one of my consoles TWICE!
    Demon Cleaner 20:13 25th April 2008
    I did 4 magazines with each 20-25 pages on the C64 using a program called Newspaper and using a Commodore MPS-803 printer.
    Harrison 00:16 26th April 2008
    Originally Posted by v85rawdeal:
    I think one of the reasons I have taken so much care with my computers was that I bought them all myself...
    That is a very good point. I also took care of all of my Amiga's and other systems due to saving up and buying them myself.

    Those that I knew who's parents just bought them an Amiga because "it was what they wanted", and they were spoilt little rich kids, didn't take any care using them because they knew that if it was broken their parents would just buy them another, or something else that was that weeks much have item.

    I do remember on kid I went to school with taking his new Amiga back a week after it was purchased and getting a refund. Why? Because it crashed during a game! What did he replace it with? A NES! Go Figure.
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