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Poll: How did you get your first Amiga?
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How did you get your first Amiga?
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    Thread: How did you get your first Amiga?
    Toasty667 17:27 9th May 2007
    Birthday. If anyone says stole do they get banned?
    Stephen Coates 17:31 9th May 2007
    My A500+ was purchased second hand from a school, which my next door neighbor worked at in 1997.

    Cost 50 and included mouse, joystick, games and some software, and a 1mb ram expansion.

    We bought a seperate JVC 14" colour television to use with it. I continued to ue this as a TV until 2004 when it borke and bought a new one, which also now doesn't work properly.

    Although recently I have bought lots of goodies for the A500+ myself, including a CM8833-II, extra drive, HD + RAM expansion and a modem.

    All other Amigas I have purchased myself over the last 2 or so years.
    v85rawdeal 17:42 10th May 2007
    I purchased my first Amiga A500 from a friend when he upgraded to an A2000.

    It cost me 600 at the time, (1991) and came with a whole MB of memory and a 40mb Hard Drive and a whole load of software, including stuff that he was beta-testing before release.
    Harrison 18:12 10th May 2007
    That still sounds pretty expensive.
    TiredOfLife 00:04 11th May 2007
    I think I paid 400 for the 500+
    Later sold it for a 100 (I think) and bought an A1200 for 299
    J T 20:16 12th May 2007
    I got the A500 as a joint birthday and Christmas present, but my Dad was also very keen to get it (in fact I seem to remember him coming up with the idea).

    As you all know, it was the mighty 'Batman: the movie' pack
    Rebb/TRSI 00:12 4th July 2007
    My first Amiga was much awaited Christmas gift in 1990. Wasn't big suprise to get one, as I already had seen the boxes at attic just few weeks before. So when I finally got it at christmas eve, I already had games and demo's for it. And had started swapping some days before
    Demon Cleaner 00:14 4th July 2007
    Originally Posted by :
    Wasn't big suprise to get one, as I already had seen the boxes at attic just few weeks before.
    always good to know where presents are kept away from children.
    toomanymikes 20:15 7th August 2007
    When I was a kid my friend had a loan of a NES - i was amazed by the graphics compared to my Speccy 48k so I went home and asked for one for christmas. A massive 8 months later it arrived and I went about trying to complete Super Mario untill the folks kicked me out to get some fresh air. After a few years my friend got an Amiga 500 - he was the kind of guy, and still is, that had all the latest stuff, just how his folks afforded it is beyond me. Anyhoos he was playing Turrican 2 and it blew me away, more than the NES had those years before. I went home and pestered my folks who came to a compromise - sell the NES to help pay for a new A500. When I think about it that was one expensive computer - especially back then. I had the NES sold within a week and a sparkly new A500 on my desk by the weekend. Fantastic. I was gutted when I sold it for a CD32 - should have picked the A1200 looking back now!
    Harrison 11:44 8th August 2007
    People moan about the cost of the Xbox 360 and PS3 these days, but looking back to what we were paying in the 80's and early 90's for Amigas and consoles the current system are not really priced any higher.

    That was definitely not the best move ever toomuchmikes, selling the A500 for a CD32. I also purchased a CD32 at launch, but already owned an A1200 so it was more just an exercise in buying it because it was a new Amiga model.

    The CD32 could have been a great system but it just didn't take off. I also think that it wasn't designed or thought out quite well enough. The save game flash ram was too limiting for one. I think that providing a floppy drive port on the back of the machine would have made a huge difference to the system. That would have instantly opened the system up to running A1200 and most A500 games with just the purchase of a disk drive, and you could of used floppy disks for save games too. I think that simple addition could have altered the success of the CD32 within existing Amiga fan circles. I still don't think it would have become more popular in general though as it wasn't really released at the right time. Rumours of the Sony Playstation were already starting and as soon as it was released it blew the CD32 out of the water.
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