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Thread: International mail in and out of the UK disrupted (Wednesday 11th January 2023)
Harrison 11:28 18th January 2023
Last Wednesday Royal Mail was attacked by a Russian Hacking group who managed to gain entry to their international shipping servers. They attacked the systems with Ransomware and locked out the whole system. This meant that no international mail could be processed, scanned or tracked.

One week later the systems are still down and Royal Mail cannot receive or send any international mail in or out of the UK. Therefore please don't try to send, receive or place any international orders to or from the UK.

As of today, the 18th January, the CEO cannot give a date for when the systems will be back up and running. The government and GCHQ are involved in the investigation and in trying to repair and fix the issue.

If I learn more I will let you know.
Stephen Coates 08:22 19th January 2023
Don't they have backups they can revert to?
Harrison 11:08 19th January 2023
You might think so, but if this is a continuous attack a backup would just get attacked again.

But I'm in the dark as much as the general public. We are not being told anything. And the slimy toad faced CEO of Royal Mail had to face a government select committee on Tuesday and refused to give any reasurance or time scale on when this would be fixed.

Notices on the RM business site state some untracked international mail can again be shipped, and alternative solutions are being tested to see if they can be used as a workaround to start getting tracked mail shipments moving again. But still no timescales given.