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Thread: Flooding and rain. How is it where you are?
Harrison 11:23 16th January 2023
The amount of rain in the last couple of months has been mad.

Where I live is fairly flat as it's close to the sea. Low lying and only 4-6 metres about sea level. So at high tide the drains have nowhere for the water to go. And with the ground saturated there is nowhere for more rain to go.

Smaller roads in the area have been flooding because of water running off of fields. Most are passable of you go slow and in the middle, but obvioudly you get impatient idiots that can't wait.

A couple of weeks ago the only main road out of a villiage near me called Pagham has to be closed. Thy road was flooded in one place but you could get through if careful. But cars got stuck, broke down and one even managed to flip over. So they closed it completely and all thy traffic had to go out through my area, which is only a single lane road, so it was gridlocked. My wife took an hour to travel the 4 miles to work. It was mad.

Then suddenly a few days later those managing the road realised they could bring a water pumping truck in and drain the flooded bit of road. And it reopened.

Other roads have been flooding a bit too, but today was the worst for some. Another area here called Shripney has a winding country road that is used by a lot of people. This became badly flooded yesterdat, and got so bad this morning they have shut the whole road. I had to take Tom to the dentist this morning and thy roads were gridlocked.

This news article shows how bad it is:

They need to invest in putting more drainage ditches asking roads and clear existing ditches, coverts and other pets of the drainage system. The lack of maintaining them where I used to live was part of the rain it flooded so badly back then in 2012 and why our old house flooded.

And now they keep building a lot of houses on all the green field areas around here. This gets rid of a lot of the natural soakaway and the water has to find somewhere else to go. Plus a it is then roads and houses they all collect the water and channel it into the drains, but these are the same drains that couldn't cope before all the extra houses were built. Just getting stupid.

Anyway. Fingers crossed the amount of rain starts to reduce here.

How is the rain and weather where you are? I saw on the news Cornwall has had really bad rain and flooding again.

Makes me want to buy a house on a tall hill somewhere.
Demon Cleaner 18:00 17th January 2023
Raining constantly here since weeks, some flooding but none I actually notice, only from the news but not as bad as in your case. I live out of town on a little hill and we never have or will have any flooding here.
Stephen Coates 08:25 19th January 2023
We had a lot of rain, but no flooding. There were quite a lot of large puddles to avoid on some roads though.
Kin Hell 09:38 27th January 2023
South West water said that if the Colliford Lake water depth increased, they would knock 30 off every Cornishman's water bill.

We tried rallying a a Live Piss-up event on Colliford Lake's shores with all DPD Cornwall Employees invited, but there was very little interest shown!
J T 03:12 30th January 2023
We get a long-ish wet patch, and then a bit of a break where it can be hot and sunny.

The grass is growing incredibly quickly.
Harrison 09:33 30th January 2023
Looks like some extreme flooding in posts of Australia at the moment. Nowhere near you I assume.