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Thread: Just right for Christmas
Harrison 13:31 10th January 2023
That's good. I don't currently have insurance for my dog and am now thinking I really should.

Although now the last NHS dentist has closed in my area I also need to start paying dentist insurance. Plus I'm now prescribed more asthma medication I've started having to pay a monthly prepaid prescription to reduce thec overall cost of that. So much for our national insurance paying for free healthcare. Slowly going private behind our backs.
J T 20:31 10th January 2023
I think we'd be better off overall if we'd payed the equivalent of money for insurance into a savings account and left it untouched unless needed. But that takes patience and discipline and forward planning.

For 9 or 10 years the insurance has basically done nothing, as dog was healthy and well, but I am glad we had it here.
Harrison 22:20 10th January 2023
My dog is just coming up to 7 years and had been healthy to date. But we all know as they get older the likelihood of needing a vet increases. I will have to see what insurance is available. My vet does a policy that includes yearly checkups, vacinations and monthly flea treatment. We already do it for our cat, so I might see how much it would be for the dog.
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