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Thread: Headphones
Harrison 00:55 19th November 2022
They look nice. I wasn't familiar with them, but reviews say their noisy cancelling is even better then the Sony XM5 which have won a lot of praise. And they are cheaper than the Sony and Sennheiser equivalents.
Harrison 09:26 1st December 2022
I just picked up some wired Sony MDR-ZX310 headphones for Tom for Christmas to use with his tablet. My wife was moaning it was really annoying.

They had a lot of good reviews, and on Amazon UK they are currently half price at just 13.99. You can't go wrong at that price. And being only 10 years old I'm not worried how he treats them or how long they last. We decided on the red ones as a bit less boring. They also do them in black, white and blue.



I've just tested them out. They are quite small, and fold up for easy travel with the ear cups swivelling sideways. The cable is nice and long with a volume control along the cable. They adjust easily and for their size are surprisingly comfortable. And I must say for the price they have quite a nice sound with a decent level of bass.

If you are only after a cheap pair of wired headphones these are pretty good for the price. Ideal for children.
Demon Cleaner 15:18 9th December 2022
I tried my headphones today for the first time and I think they are absolutely fantastic. They fit my ear perfectly, are light, not too big and the sound is amazing. Nice Bose app to use with, complete touch control on the right ear for volume, play/pause and song skip. You can even adjust the noise cancelation with the app from 0 to 10. Happy with them.
Harrison 18:24 9th December 2022
I will definitely add those to my shortlist alongside the Sony and Sennheiser ones and try to give them all a demo before buying.
Harrison 02:11 25th February 2023
I've still not got round to looking into buying some high end headphones yet.

But I'm actually using the cheap Sennheiser HD 250BT I bought last October quite a bit lately with my Steam Deck and phone. I've been very impressed with their sound quality and the amount of bass they produce. I only paid 25 for them which seemed cheap for the make. And actually forgot I bought them as a Lightning sale during a Prime day sale. I just checked and they are actually 60 full price, so it was quite a good bargain and it explains why they sound better that headphones that retail for 25.

Would definitely recommend these Sennheiser HD 250BT wireless bluetooth headphones to anyone looking for some lightweight ones that don't cost too much but still sound good. If you see them in a sale grab a pair.
Kin Hell 14:33 25th February 2023
I went & treated myself to some Sennheiser HD600's....

WOW! - Huge improvement over the 569's.
Harrison 22:27 25th February 2023
Nice. The HD600s have been around a few years haven't they? And used a lot in the music industry.

I get top annoyed with wired headphones that days so I'm sticking with wireless now. Especially now Bluetooth is much better then it used to be.

I've decided on the Sennheiser Momentum 4's when I have more money.
Kin Hell 12:30 26th February 2023
Yes H, indeed they have.

RE Wireless.... I've never been a fan.

Same for Wi-Fi, keyboards, mice etc.

Wireless causes LAG....
Harrison 02:27 27th February 2023
Regarding wireless, Bluetooth is far better than it use to be. The range is far greater and latency much less. But gaming mice, keyboards and controllers often have the option for 2.4Ghz RF instead that all but eliminates it due to far faster polling.
Kin Hell 13:23 27th February 2023
RE Lag, check this out....

nVidia Reflex is very interesting.

You need at least a RTX3xxx series card & a 360Hz monitor.

Can't wait....
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