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Thread: Playstation VR2 headset
Harrison 15:50 3rd October 2022

Sony last week showed more about their upcoming second VR headset, called the PSVR2.

It is a big improvement over the original PS4 based headset with wider fov (110 vs 90), and oled hdr 4K display (2000x2040 per eye) with 120Hz refresh. And eye tracking to control menus. It will also have far less wires connecting it all up, and heptic feedback is incorporated into both thr headset itself and into the included controllers, that will have heptic triggers similar to the standard PS5 controller.

The biggest negative in the recent update is that it won't be backwards compatible with games for the original PSVR headset. I'm assuming Sony has competely changed how this new headset works compared to the original, but that's really annoying as there are some great games that support the original VR headset. I'm hoping developers can update their games to add support back in. Games I've enjoyed playing on the original include No Mans Sky, Resident Evil 7 and Star Wars Squadrons. All work really well with the original headset.

Expected price for the PSVR2 is 399.99.

Anyone interested?
Kin Hell 18:44 3rd October 2022
Done VR the first time it was out on Oculus Rift... F'k me.... that 1960's F1 Ferrari around Le Spa on a Game Master 500 Steering wheel was mental.... - PC of course!
Looking to your right & down at the tarmac ahead of you rounding the curve..... M E N T A L.... but so many horizontal lines....

60Hz was just not do-able in each eye back then. A 60hz Resolution is serious eye strain on a single display, never mind frazzling each eye ball individually & intimately....
I felt sick not seeing the S-Back bend on the rear of the Pits whilst the force-feedback wheel & pedals were doing something before 60Hz told me.... - Lag & Nausea on a VR headset......

120Hz sounds great @ that Res but guessing is it PS only with no 0ld0r PS support..... Pathetic!

I just see Sony Kunt0ring themselves....again.


Looks f'king Great btw....
Harrison 02:15 4th October 2022
Yes it is PS5 exclusive, so obviously the huddle of finding a PS5 first for many still exists. But apparently the PS5 is now up to 22m sales (as of end of June) and has overtaken Switch and Xbox sales this year now stock is improving.

The original PSVR was also PS4 and 5 exclusive, but you could kind of make it work on PC, but only in that it could create a virtual huge Netflix cinema screen.

No idea if the PSVR2 will have any PC support.

Obviously as I mentioned above the news that it won't be backwards compatible is very annoying. But hoping patches appear to solve this. Star Wars Squadrons was great in VR. Made dog fighting far easier as you could look around in the cockpit to see where enemies were and your ship orientation. Not sir I would recommemd RE7 VR though. But because it was bad. Because it was too good! Lol.

Anyway, expected release spring 2023. Will consider getting one later next year when a few compatible games are out.
Demon Cleaner 05:56 4th October 2022
I barely used the VR for PS4, got it on day 1 release, as it came out for my birthday, so it was a present from my gf. Biggest annoyance for me is the SDE effect which I can see very well and thus annoying. I enjoyed playing Trackmania quite a bit with all the loops and jumps. I have plenty of VR games but another thing that bothered me is the setup, because I have the first model, and the HDMI needs to be plugged into the rear of the PS4 and not simply in the little box of the VR, which came with the second version only and was way more practical.

I was perhaps considering to buy a VR for PC, but I doubt I will use it a lot, that's why I still don't have one. Plus when I was reading articles and reviews I couldn't decide which one I really wanted. I was looking at the Pimax, but they're quite expensive compared to others. Perhaps the Meta Quest 2 is a good option. But are there a lot of VR games for PC even? I still would also like to have a one single cable setup.
Harrison 12:35 4th October 2022
It depends what games you play. VR is best suited to car racing games, flight and space sims. Most recent releases of those support VR.

Elite Dangerous is brilliant in VR, really adds to the atmosphere. No Mans Sky is also great. As is Star Wars Squadrons.

F12022 and the last couple of year's releases all work well too.

But they are also all available on Playstation VR too.
Kin Hell 18:41 4th October 2022
Harrison is right. VR in racing games is A W E S O M E, but you have to have a decent FFB Wheel & Pedals or it's not a complete VR experience.

Fighting with the wheel is what it's all about.
Demon Cleaner 06:40 5th October 2022
I already considered buying a wheel with pedals, but as I play since 2 years in the living room, there's definitely not the space for it, I don't wanna attach it to the coffee table. I considered the GT Omega stand for it, but same problem, it will be standing around in the living room, which isn't nice. Plus I don't play so much racing games, I like them a lot and have a fair amount of them, but I rarely play.

So far I have always steered away from Elite Dangerous, as everything I read about it is that it's quite difficult to get into. Rather stick with Everspace 2 or Chorus now. I also have Knossos installed with several Freespace mods.
Harrison 09:58 5th October 2022
That is true. Elite does have a very steep learning curve to begin with. But for anyone coming from playing Frontier: Elite 2 and the other previous game it wasn't so bad as it built on that. Think of it like a full blown realistic flight sim set in space. The only way to play it properly is with a full HOTAS setup. There is of course also the Playstation version that does map the controller well, but I only gave it a play test to see what it was like, and future update support is dropped now. Prefer the full PC version.

You do need to devote time to it though. It's not an instant pick up and achieve everything game. And it can be really frustrating early on, just understanding the mechanics and controls for flight, jumping between systems and docking. Let alone starting to trade and make money.

And if you were thinking of VR you need to master all that first or it would be best impossible. VR did add a lot to thr game though as you feel like you are really in your ship navigating space. But I do tend to play it just using a normal display most of the time.

When it first came out I tried played with an Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, but it was like needing myltiple arms. Especially for spacestation docking. But as soon as I bought a HOTAS and after a few hours the controls became second narure.

I would say for single player it can't deliver as much as a story driven game focused specifically on single player. It's easy to get bored because you can find yourself in a system unsure what to do early on. As with the whole franchise Elite has been about creating your own story in your head as you explore, trade and run missions.

As with the previous Elite games, I've always loved the series but really wish they would add NPCs properly, that you can interact with for missions, trading etc. As they did in Earth and Beyond, a game I've mentored before, and one I still miss, even after all these years.

Have you played X4: Foundations? The X games are massive in scope. I've been a big fan of the series since the original game. It's evolved a lot over the years. To me X feels like the single player equivalent to EVE. A game I won't touch for years because it is more like working than gaming and it's player driven social and economy based design is far to series and devoted.

We are quite spoilt for choice these days for space games. Remember years afo there was a time where there were none being released, or any space based series or films coming out. It's great that's changed.
Demon Cleaner 12:20 5th October 2022
I have played a bit of X and X2, but since X3 the reviews got worse, especially with X4. Will check out some reviews, I just saw that FitGirl has the X4: FOUNDATIONS – V5.00 (474665 + 475121 HOTFIX) + 5 DLCS & BONUS CONTENT version, might be worth a try.

EDIT: Just watched 2 reviews if X4 is worth playing in 2022 and both mention that the game is indeed worth it but has an incredible learning curve too. So I guess it's a pass for me.
Tiago 13:30 5th October 2022
I have vr for ps4, and i like it. Yes racing games are good, i would say that vr is great for anything in 1 st person inside a cockpit. Cars, planes etc... But i hate the wires and the heat in the face after 30m...
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