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Thread: Banana plugs?
Harrison 13:47 1st October 2022

Banana plugs for receiver bindposts. Do any of you use them? Worth the bother?

I've always just screwed the wires directly into the receiver and speaker bindposts directly, but am considering trying these as I'm buying some replacement speaker cable.
Demon Cleaner 14:16 1st October 2022
Receiver manufacturers specifically mention not to use them as that way you can easily plug them in the wrong way and cause malfunction or damage. I use them.
Harrison 14:19 1st October 2022
I can't see how as they are colour coded. Far easier to directly wire cables in wrong.

Any specific make recommendations? And right angle ones for plugging into wall mounted speakers?
Demon Cleaner 14:24 1st October 2022
True, they are color coded, but with the ease of plugging them in and out, you can easily connect them wrongly whereas wiring them you pay more attention.

I donít know which brand I use but are they not all the same? Nothing really special.
Harrison 14:25 1st October 2022
They seem to vary a lot in price. A pack of 6 range from £20 to over £100. But couldn't see much difference in them.
Demon Cleaner 14:29 1st October 2022
I usually pick the middle option, I donít buy the cheapest ones but also donít want to pay outrageous prices for something like that. So far itís been a good decision. Are there no Amazon basicís available?
Harrison 14:34 1st October 2022
Not sure. Will have a good look later.

I'm the same. Don't like to buy the cheapest because something is normally cheap for a reason. But don't like to pay silly money.
Demon Cleaner 00:53 2nd October 2022
Bought some Monster optical cables for PS2 at the time, ridiculous, but I also had some Oehlbach 5 stars, but that's just overkill.

When I got the PS4, I noticed on the beamer that it would not display 4K 60fps, so I bought a 4K HDMI cable, can't remember the brand, but again in the middle tier, and they mentioned bla bla bla (talking about 15m cable). Most of the video settings were fine, but 4K 60fps showed not possible on the PS4. So I took my PS4 to my trusted HiFi guy, I think I already mentioned him here several times, and we tested it in his showroom with the same beamer and my cable, same result. He changed the cable, and everything was absolutely perfect. I don't know the brand but the 12m cable was around 200Ä. So he gave it to me, as it was working, and he just asked me 1/3 of the price, as it was already "used".
Kin Hell 11:39 2nd October 2022
I'm twisted wire onto the binding posts. - Banana plugs on Amp are smaller than Speakers.

I use Chord C-Type HDMI
Harrison 18:01 2nd October 2022
With analogue signals I used to by buy expensive scart and S Video cables. I forget the name but the Scart cables were gold plated with really thick green cables and were really heavy. When you picked up one of the generic black cables they used to bundle with VCRs the comparison was silly. They were complete rubbish.

And you could really see the difference in image quality, especially in full RGB mode. And SVideo, which I tended to use mostly for video editing made a big difference with SVHS.

But moving on to digital signals, the actual make and price of cable makes no difference to the quality. If an HDMI cable works it will send and receive an identical signal to any other cable, regardless of price. The issue is finding cables that work in certain situations. The main thing with them not working is cable version and length. A lot of older versions hate longer lengths or don't support 4k or eARC. 2.0 or older basically, but some that spec 2.1 are not always completely compliant. Shielding can be an issue too.

I needed a 10m HDMI cable once to connect from where I had my consoles to the display. The fairly expensive cable I bought worked but the PS3 at the time would only work properly in 1080i and not 1080p. Image would flicker to black occassionally. Guessing that was cable bandwidth.

They really need to work on developing a fast enough wireless interconnect protocol, like Bluetooth but much faster, so we can ditch all cables other than the power. Although if they followed the all in one cable idea with power and signal combined that would make a big difference too.
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