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Thread: Bought additional NAS
Demon Cleaner 18:52 26th September 2022
I have the Yamaha RX-A870.
Harrison 11:09 27th September 2022
My current main AV receiver is a Sony STR DN1080.

I've stuck with Sony Receivers since I bought my first one in about 2001 and always been happy with them. I will have my previous one as I'm upgraded and repurposed thrm for other uses. My 20 year old one is now used for tetro systems as it has all the old inputs so is ideal. And my one from about 2012 is used with my PCs for easy switching bwtween systems.

But Sony haven't released any new receivers for a couple of years now and my current one is now being discontinued and no longer supports everything. I still haven't bought any atmos speakers though. Need to do that. Keep considering mounting them in the ceiling, but then I would have permanent holes so thinking upfiring instead. Do either of you use atmos speakers? Recommend anything?
Demon Cleaner 15:57 27th September 2022
For speakers I use B&W in a 5.1 setup, sounds great. My subwoofer is also a Yamaha.

I started with Pioneer receivers, then at some point switched to Onkyo, but 2 failed on me, since then I had 2 Yamaha receivers and I'm quite happy with them.
Harrison 23:58 27th September 2022
All my speakers are by the lesser known Swedish make Eltax. I bought them all 20 years ago and they still sound great. Floor standing fronts and forward rear/side. A centre and a pair of BiPolar HT-2 wall mounted rears. The only one that isn't Eltax is the sub, which is a Wharfedale 12" actuve sub.

I just looked on the Eltax site and they have Atmos uoward firing soeakers you place on to of the floorstanding fronts. I might see if Richersounds have this for me to go and test in store.
Demon Cleaner 11:09 30th September 2022
Got my replacement drive back today and it's already in, hopefully this one will stay intact
Harrison 22:30 30th September 2022
That was quick. So replaced under warranty?
Kin Hell 08:29 1st October 2022
Great result DC.

Seriously off topic really....I run Mordaunt Short speakers....

Mains are MS25i Pearls which are rewired internally with Lynn K20 wire. I needed an 80W soldering iron for that job! - Amazing Depth of sound for the re-wire.
The Centre is an MS T1000, front High effects are MS 05i Pearls. Rear corners are MS Bi-polar Avant 903i's & my retired MS T1000 centre was replaced by a pair of MS Alumni's in Piano black.
Front sub is a REL Storm III & rear Sub is a REL Storm I.
My first AV Amp back in '97 was a Pioneer affair. It lacked in every department so the supplier switched it out for a Yamaha RX350. The difference was huge!
In 2002, I upgraded to a Yamaha AX2 & then to the Yamaha RX-A1070 3 years ago.

Speakers are old but the quality of sound is equally as impressive of the controlled BIG sound. - Mr. T-Rex punches you in the chest when he's on screen!

& btw H, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Eltax. I had a pair of Bi-Polar Eltax's before the MS 903i's. I did ditch the Eltax centre once I managed to find another MS T1000. It was just too heavy on the Bass for me & you lost the speech dialogue in a furry heavy sort of way.
Iirc, Richer Sounds had a real soft spot for these speakers those 20 years ago.
Harrison 13:51 1st October 2022
Yeah, I got all my Eltax speakers from Richer Sounds about 20 years ago. Get a brilliant deal on them at the time. About 400 off the total price I think. There are improvements in speaker tech since then, but not so much that the ones I own are worth changing.

I do agree Eltax are a bit heavier on the bass than some other makes, but I've always liked that. Can always adjust the balance on the receiver to compensite if needed. To really get a better sound I would need to pay a lot more.
Demon Cleaner 14:31 1st October 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
That was quick. So replaced under warranty?
Replaced, no questions asked.
Harrison 14:37 1st October 2022
Nice. Good when a company just honours the warranty.

I had a great experience recently with Makita. My lawn mower broke and was only 6 months old. Filled out an online returns form. They collected it 2 days later, and it was returned just over a week after that fully repaired with replacement parts. Works perfectly again.

Having good experiences with customer services and warranty returns always make me want to use them again and buy their products. Even if they have broken. The fact they easily honour a warranty shows they care.
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