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Thread: Bought additional NAS
Harrison 12:42 21st September 2022
Just as a backup JBOD would be ok. You are not using it for file access, just for backup, so access speed is irrelevant other then backing up and restoring if needed.

As for Raid configuration. For 4 drives Raid 5. For more drives Raid 6. 5 is a lot faster to rebuild.
Demon Cleaner 13:10 21st September 2022
Got it this morning and set it up as JBOD, created one volume per disk, so 4 different volumes. I mapped 2 of them so I can sync them fast when needed.

The only downside of my whole operation is that I now bought a 920+ and 2 spare 16TB disks, which are not used at all at the moment and I'm still thinking about a purpose. So would a 2-bay NAS have been enough? Save money on the NAS itself and obviously the 2 extra disks.

Main reason was to integrate it in my network, otherwise I would still have used my IcyBox, but I wanted to get rid of that. But thinking now that I have a huge amount of free space and no "real" usage. But I guess having more is always better than not having enough. At least now I can keep some files again instead of constantly managing what to delete and what to keep.

EDIT: Currently copying files over to it, from internal PC HDD to NAS, and with big files it reaches up to 120MB/s.

Also mapped a 3rd HDD now, so I now have one for LaunchBox backup, one for Synology backup (my retro stuff, quite big) and one for PC Games backup.
Harrison 10:38 22nd September 2022
I really need to upgrade my storage and simplify it. I still have a lot of mine on my home server which has 6 network shared drives, with mirrored copies on other drives. Really I don't want the full computer based server needed to be up and running all of the time. In an ideal world just have a NAS serving the home network 24/7. A Synology NAS can easily do that and save me a lot of electricity costs over time, plus reduce system noise.
Demon Cleaner 09:28 23rd September 2022
And the problems started yesterday evening. All of a sudden disk 2 showed "pool missing" and since then I still didn't find a solution. That disk had been running in my IcyBox just fine, so I highly doubt it's the disk. The NAS just detects it, but you're unable to do anything with it. No repair, no assemble, no SMART test, no creating volume, well you get the idea.

This is now very annoying, especially if you don't know exactly why this happens, been googling like crazy. The only thing I know is that my disks, all EXOS X16 are not on compatibility list of the NAS, but I also doubt that's the issue, because the other 3 are still running.

I think I will take the disk out, put it back in the IcyBox to check if there's any problems, reformat it and put it back into the NAS.

EDIT: Ooook. The disk makes very strange sounds in the IcyBox now and is not even recognized.

EDIT 2: And I sent it back to the shop already, good thing that this was the spare disk
Harrison 14:02 23rd September 2022
Is that Seagate? Used to be a fan of their drive many years ago, but wouldn't buy them now. Buy them we have far less makes of traditional mechanical drives to choose from these days. WD, Samsung and Toshiba the only others I can think of. I tend to buy Samsung.

Hope they replace the drive for you.
Demon Cleaner 15:39 23rd September 2022
It is Seagate. The reason I bought 2 more is that I wanted to have exactly the same drives as I had already 2.

I only noticed that on the bill it says the serial numbers, but the disk that broke was one I previously ordered, although less than 2 years ago, so the guarantee is still valid. And I think it was also ordered from them, at least on of the 2 I had, as I bought one when I ordered my new PC. But if they check it, which they probably do, they will see that it's not one of the disks I just ordered and probably won't replace it

Otherwise I never had problems with the shop when returning stuff, but if the problem is like I mentioned, then I will eventually send it back to Seagate, they would replace the disk, as I said, still under guarantee.
Kin Hell 09:57 25th September 2022
I run 4 x 4TB drives in my NAS box.

2 of them are RAID1 using WD Red Pro's & the other two are single IronWolf drives full of Movies.

All important files are on the Mirror. - The other two can be re-downloaded.

Since owning the NAS, I've lost 4 x 3TB Seagate Barracuda's which came with it, yet I still have a 2TB Barracuda that is around 12 years old. - I just retired this moving to Z690 & all Solid State storage entirely.

I've also lost a couple of WD Red's during my time with the QNAP.... Go figure.

The reason I'm considering building a server is I don't need it on all the time. I have 10TB of storage in the networked Dune HD Max Vision 4K

There is a 4TB WD Red in the rear screwed in & a 6TB WD Red in the front hot-swap slot. It's dead easy to flip it out & shove it into my main PC which has a hot-swap box in the 5.25 Drive bays. It's nice to see average speeds of 115M/sec instead of 30 something on a Gigabit network.
I am concerned at how warm the hard drive is when pulling it from the Dune player. After writing several 4K Movies to the 6TB drive & then pulling it for return to the Dune, it's infinitely cooler.
Time will tell I guess....
Demon Cleaner 11:16 25th September 2022
I had some Dune players before, always liked them. Then I used Mede8er boxes which were also fine and in the end nVidia Shield(s), which in my opinion is the best solution.

But now with my new LG TV I'm just using the apps on the TV, need 1 single remote control for everything, also for the receiver through eARC and I don't need external media boxes anymore.
Harrison 13:19 25th September 2022
This is exactly the same for me. TVs have finally become powerful enough that you only need the apps they provide. And like most devices it comes down to which TV OS UI you like as actual TV panels are very similar in daily use between makers. Personally I like the Philips UI the most for TV apps, which is the make of my main 65" TV, but also quite like the bar style interface of Samsung.

But I do also have a Sky box connected to every TV to get live TV. I wish Sky would make a Sky Go app that could be installed to any smart TV so I can access 4K Sky on any without a satellite dish. At the moment you can only watch Sky in 4K on the one TV with the main Sky Q box. That's really limiting these days.

I don't really stream any films and series over my network anymore either. Just stream them from whichever service has them. Nearly everything is available these days, but it can be a headache finding which one something is on sometimes.

But I do often tend to access most streaming services via Sky Q, rather then the TV apps, just because I can just use the Sky remote to control everything. The only one I do use thr TV app for all the time is Disney+ because there is a bug in the Sky app that doesn't allow 4K.

But when not using thr main TV I do use the TV apps because the Sky Q mini boxes only support HD.

And yeah, eARC is brilliant. Reduces the cable management and removed the need to switch between inputs. Only issue I have is the Sony Soundbar I use in the living room sometimes likes to refuse to work properly, then you have to get its remote to force it to the right hdmi input or change its sub level. Or sometimes it will just drop sound completely and you have to swutch it off and on again, but it hands for 5 minutes when it does this saying please wait, then starting up. Keep meaning to do a software update on it.
Kin Hell 16:27 26th September 2022
A good friend of mine said get the Shield Pro for a right job, but I stuck to Dune because it's nice to have the DVD & BluRay front ends on movie downloads. Afaik, only the bigger Dune players have this capability.

I have seen Lip sync issues with my HDMI switching though my Yamaha RX-A1070, though powering off & back on again usually sorts it. - Annoying to say the least but hell yeah, spaghetti amount seriously reduced.
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