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Thread: What games are you all playing at the moment?
Harrison 02:04 15th September 2022
So what is everyone playing at the moment?

On the PS5 I'm mainly still playing Gran Turismo the most. I've some way to go still to collect everything and unlock it all. Not finished all the menus yet. And I'm also still playing Sackboy. A great platformer.

I've also been playing Human Fall Flat in 2 player with Tom. We are having great fun but it's such a frustrating game. We are determined to complete it but there have been a few raised voices!

In Gamepass on the Steam Deck I'm playing Lake. Interesting little Adventure game about a women returning to her home town after 22 years away to cover her dad's mail delivery job for a couple of weeks. Interesting idea as the mail delivery aspect makes you meet and interact with the locals to discover the plot and different directions to take the story. Some might find it a bit slow and tedious because it partly really is a mail delivery postman simulator, with you driving to addresses and delivering parcels. But the graphics are lovely as you drive along the road that runs around the edge of the large lake.

Also on Steam Deck I've been replaying Black Mesa (remake of Half-Life in HL2 engine) and Skyrim. Still both great games, that look great and run perfectly on the Deck. I think the Steam Deck will make me revisit a lot of PC games released over the kart 10 years that I never played much and intended to return to. Tempted to play Fallout 3 or New Vegas next. Or maybe Bioshock.
Demon Cleaner 07:04 15th September 2022
Where to start

I know Lake and the reviewers mentioned the slow pace, at some point I'm gonna try it, if just for relaxing. I started also playing Cloudpunk which is nice and slow but gets repetitive quite fast as basically the only thing you're doing is delivering packages from A to B all the time. Visuals are nice though.

Having so many games, basically everything that is out it's sometimes difficult to decide. I'm mixing a bit genres so that it doesn't get too repetitive.

I'm going through my back catalogue and play games I feel I need to still play before moving on. At the moment on PC I'm about to finish Days Gone, it's quite good although not the best open world, but enjoyable.

I'm also playing ANNO: Mutationem, which is nice, nice visuals, something different, exploring and platforming.

I played but didn't finish the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga, lost a bit interest but it's funny and has also nice exploration.

Played half way through Elden Ring (with cheats), but uninstalled it as it's not really my cup of tea, exploring is nice, but I had to play it with my iPad in the other hand to know what to do next, as it leaves you completely alone, no indication what to do or where to go next.

Finished Sniper Elite 4, as 5 is already out. Finished Assassin's Creed Origins because I have still the next ones to play, and I thought it was absolutely fantastic, I made even the platinum trophy on PS4, that much I loved it, so I'm really looking forward to play Odyssey and Valhalla.

Playing Immortals Fenyx Rising which surprised me a bit, really nice open world with exploration and good overall mechanics, nice puzzling sections.

Finished Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade two weeks ago and I really enjoyed it, great visuals and very nice gameplay.

Have Riders Republic going on from time to time.

Still playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint from time to time, if I want exploring and shooting with stealth.

Racing games I played recently were Hot Wheels Unleashed and I regularly play Forza Horizon 5, just gorgeous (would probably be nice on the deck). Hot Wheels Unleashed is fine, gets a bit repetitive in my opinion.

Played Resident Evil 2 for some hours, but I was never into Resident Evil games, and also don't know if I want to continue this one. I wanted to start playing all of them but I doubt that I will do that.

Also still playing Ghosts of Tsushima on the PS5, fantastic game, long time I didn't continue.

Started playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Yuzu, don't know when I will have time to continue that, just wanted to try it and see if it would be something I like.

Always playing some Madden, NHL, FIFA, NBA in-between when I get the time, sports games are the most time consuming.

And there's probably more...
Harrison 08:14 15th September 2022
Nice. I need to continue with Ghosts of Tsushima. It looks amazing on PS5 and has a great combat system. Only played it for a couple of hours so far.

With Resident Evil I was a big fan of RE2 so played through that remake as soon as it came out. But I've yet to get into the RE3 remake beyond a quick play a I never completed the original for some reason

But I'm really hoping for a Silent Hill remake at some point. That would be brilliant on current hardware.

I've tried Forza Horizon 5 on the Steam deck via Gamepass. Runs really nicely, but I've never really got into the Forza series as I find it a bit too arcade and over the top Amercian style. I suppose I'm more a fan of sim than arcade. But saying that it's really just this series.

I've not played Elden Ring. I'm not really a big fan of these games. And I'm glad you get stuck/lost too because that's the issue I always have with them. Frustration at not knowing where and what to do. Plus the combat is unforgiving, although I've been told it's not as hardcore as the Dark Souls series which I've played but always get very frustrated with.
Harrison 08:21 15th September 2022
I played Cloudpunk when it first came out. Had followed it through development, so was eager to play it. I liked the game, but the UI is a bit of a mess. I was also playing it on PS4 and for some reason it's bugged as it shifts the visuals slightly to the side, off screen, so you can't see a few things that you need. I contacted the devs to ask about this but never heard back.

So would you recomnend Immortals Fenyx Rising? I've had it on my wishlist since release. Just so many games to play.

And FFVII remake was great. Part 2 called Rebirth isn't out until Winter 2023. Way too long to wait. And it will be a PS5 exclusive as it will utilise the system's fast SSD to live buffer the overworld continuously without load screens.
Demon Cleaner 20:44 15th September 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Plus the combat is unforgiving, although I've been told it's not as hardcore as the Dark Souls series which I've played but always get very frustrated with.
Like I said, I used cheats, otherwise I wouldn't even touch it.

I played FFVII on the PC, so if the PS5 version is only coming in winter 2023, the PC version will probably need one more year.
Harrison 00:03 16th September 2022
Would you not buy the PS5 version?
Demon Cleaner 15:57 16th September 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Would you not buy the PS5 version?
I'm cheating
Harrison 01:49 17th September 2022
Cheating in FFVII?
Demon Cleaner 13:13 17th September 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Cheating in FFVII?
Cloud infinite HP and max money. Other than that I want to progress normally, but the grinding times are definitely over, my life is getting shorter, and cutting a game's playing time down by 50% is helping, my life still goes on with 100%.
Harrison 14:02 17th September 2022
Fair enough. I'm still a bit of a purist and don't like to use cheats unless I really get stuck. And even then I try to just use a walkthrough or guide and not resort to actual cheats.

I have been using cheats to quickly run through retro games I've always wanted to play but never managed to play through though. So I can finally see everything.
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