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Thread: What games are you all playing at the moment?
J T 00:51 19th September 2022
I'd really like to replay FFX for the story, but much like DC there is no way I can be bothered to grind for hours and hours.

I'm taking a bit of a pause from much gaming lately. We've recently dusted off the old X360 and the rockband instruments (I have 2 guitars and a drum set) for family play and remarkably, despite having been in the shed for many many years they cleaned up well and seem to work just fine.
Harrison 01:00 19th September 2022
Nice. I recently set my Wii up again to play some family games. Bowling, Golf and Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics are still just a much fun, and current systems can't provide that interactivity. Bit mad in a way that they have all now distanced thematics from motion control. When a game was written well it works really well. I suppose Sony is with the Move controllers, but combined with VR, so it locked it into 1 player only. I just love the instant access to Wii games.

Ski jumping or bobslay using a balance board is still great.
J T 00:15 20th September 2022
Agree - I picked up a Wii U about a year ago (I still had a bunch of Wii stuff even though I'd bricked my original console) and found similar sometimes it just works so well, and at the time I think we almost forgot that due to the incredible amount of times motion control was shoved into where it didn't fit at all.

Many of those games still hold up well and the basic graphic style imposed by the relatively weak console actually added, I think, to the charm - things like Wii sports have a charming cartoon style.

The Wii U gamepad also made some of the party style games neat, as it introduced an extra dimension (hide and seek, murder int he dark style). I can see why it wasn't fully successful but truly in interesting idea.

- - - Updated - - -

Also the 360 still has a working copy of Monkey Island SE, so I'm introducing the kids to that.
Demon Cleaner 03:24 20th September 2022
Btw, what do you think of the new Monkey Island (Return to MI)? The graphic style already makes me wanna skip it.
J T 11:29 20th September 2022
I really liked the 'grounded' cartoon style of the originals (I went to say 'cartoon realism' but then re-thought) but I wasn't expecting pixel art this time round. Sure, I prefer the original style but I don't mind this new design.

I've purposefully been avoiding looking at much content as I really want to keep it as a surprise. From the few small bits I have seen, i think it's reasonable - and the original teaser trailer with the skeleton playing violin on the dock seemed quite fitting with the tone I'd expect from the game.
Harrison 12:00 21st September 2022
The new MI has been getting good comments, but I'm not 100% convinced by the look. Will either grab it when discounted or wait for it to be included in Humble Bundle or on Gamepass or PS Plus.
J T 00:32 22nd September 2022
I bought it on Switch and had a quick blast in handheld mode.

up close and in motion the new art style is actually quite neat, I like it. I can see how it's not for everyone but it's a definite approach and choice made by the makers, they've picked an style and really committed, they've gone for it.

It suits the 'story' style of the game, I guess it could be called rather 'fitting'

The only thing that I've found jarring is that guybrush has a big nose with a big pink tip, and for some reason I keep focussing on that.

The voice acting is good, really good in the case of Guybrush, and the UI is nice and simple. I'm going to try and avoid reading much about it while I play.
Demon Cleaner 06:39 22nd September 2022
The voice of Guybrush has been Dominique Armato already since 1997.
Demon Cleaner 06:06 29th September 2022
I started with Assassin's Creed Odyssey yesterday, probably gonna take me some time to finish. As I already loved Origins and made the platinum trophy in that, I'm very tempted to do it again, as I love everything that was/is in those games. For Origins it took me around 90 hours to accomplish that, Odyssey seems even bigger. The world is so vast and I get easily sucked in that it is difficult for me to stop, considering open worlds, Ubisoft definitely knows what they are doing.

I started the game on PS4 to see how it is, after one hour I loaded up my save on the PS5 and wow, although they apparently didn't change anything besides having 60fps it just looks gorgeous. Lightning and color are much nicer and seem a lot clearer, PS4 looked a bit washed out, but only when comparing, otherwise you wouldn't have noticed. Plus loading times are obviously a lot better and the constant whirring of the PS4 fan(s) is also quite annoying.

I finished the story of Days Gone, good game, don't know though if I return to finish any side quests like cleaning nests, bounty hunting or clear out camps.
Harrison 11:49 29th September 2022
Days Gone was good. I only completely the main story and never went back and did ask the side quests. Too many games to get through.

Not played Odyssey yet. My favourite in the series is still Black Flag. Love anything sailing and pirate based. Might see how it runs on the Steam Deck this weekend. But I think for games like Assassin's Creed games you need a big screen to appeciate the game worlds. They always make such vibrant and interesting places to visit that feel alive.
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