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Thread: Emulation on the Steam Deck
Demon Cleaner 17:09 3rd September 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
I only buy Sandisk or Samsung SD cards.
Harrison 08:04 4th September 2022
Just a bit paranoid about reliability. I know cards to store games on a handheld are not really precious or valuable data as such. I suppose it comes from using SD card for photography for years and Sandisk being the only really reliable brand.
J T 23:29 4th September 2022
Are there online resources for getting the instruction manuals? Can the launcer/frontend (or whatever it;s called now) pull these up?

One thing I've come to appreciate recently with giving some older games a blast (through Nintendo Switch Online) is how much older games really did rely on the manual for things like controls, and also backstory or character descriptions.
Harrison 12:58 6th September 2022
You can build up support files for a games such as boxart, screenshots and video clips. Front-ends such as Emulation Station have the ability to pull these assets from the internet automatically as you import games and build your library. And it has the option to pull PDFs of manuals too. But afaik you can't currently open the pdfs directly in ES. You have to view them on your PC. Would be great to have such support for all the retro handhelds.

But I haven't tested this on the Steam Deck yet because with it having a full Linux OS I can open PDFs. I will have to test this and let you know. If it isn't possible I'm going to contact the EmuDeck developer to ask.
J T 23:04 6th September 2022
Screenshots and boxarts are neat to make it look cool, but manuals would be really useful. Seems like it would be a winning feature.

How do you find the placement of the +pad and the ABXYU buttons on the Steam Deck? I've never held one but from the picture it seems like they are quite near to the 'edge'.
Harrison 03:18 8th September 2022
That was a big concern when Valve originally unveiled it to the press. But when you actually hold and use the controls they fit perfectly and are really comfortably placed. No issues with them being near to the edge. The rear sculpted shape similar to a playstation controller makes it easy to hold too.
J T 05:25 8th September 2022
Can you show a picture from behind?

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Also one bent over a bit
Harrison 11:09 8th September 2022
oh er mrs.

Anyway, here you go. Took a few.
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Harrison 11:17 8th September 2022
Here's some of the SteamDeck booting up, which takes less than 30 seconds, and you can put it into sleep mode to quickly jump back into a game.

I've also taken images here of the Deck loaded into its default Steam library interface, the left and right menus, as well as showing some of the emulators I have installed, that are downloaded, installed and added to the Steam collections area automatically by EmuDeck.

And finally one showing Xbox Gamepass cloud gaming running perfectly on the SteamDeck.
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J T 00:32 9th September 2022
Interesting rolled/wing grips, I was expecting a flatter back. Looks like it would be quite comfortable. Is it heavy / dense feeling?

The L/R 3 and 4 buttons seem neat - how are they to use?

Personally I hate the click-down-on-the stick L3/R3, especially when it's used for sprint or duck, as I often clumsily do it by accident.

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Thanks for the pics BTW

Now can you hold it up in front of a mirrror so I can see both sides simulataneously
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