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Thread: I hope everyone is OK
Harrison 10:31 17th June 2022
I've not logged in for some time, as I've had so much going on, but was surprised that we haven't had a single post since I last checked the site. Seems the forums are finally dead.

Do I therefore contemplate shutting down the server? I've been thinking about it because the big increase in the cost of living (fuel, energy bills, water, food) means I'm having to consider all ourgoing money at the moment. I don't get any help with server costs. Haven't had a dontion in years. Therefore closing it down might be something I need to do to save money.

Failing that, would anyone still be interested in these forums if I were to regenerate the site and try to put new life through content back into the site?

I've said for a while I wanted to rework the site to make it more emulation focused. Especially with the massive surge in handheld and cheap Android emulation TV boxes we have been seeing recently.

Not sure. Will be considering options until the summer.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok and enjoying the very hot weather.
Demon Cleaner 17:30 17th June 2022
Very hot weather indeed.

I check out the forum every day, but I don't post mainly because I don't get any response. I got so much stuff lately again like the Odin Pro, Switch OLED, Pico Pantera mini PC, installed RetroPie on my Raspberry with 1TB SD card full of games...

So what would be the purpose on keeping the site running? Reworking it makes no sense either in my opinion, as it's a lot of work and there are sites and forums existing for basically everything.

I'm checking also Retro Video Gamer forum, the one from our member Zapiy, but it's almost the same like here, I log in after one week and there has been one single new post.

I'm hanging most of the time around in the LaunchBox forums because I'm currently still very active with it, and there you also find everything emulation related.

So if you ask me
Kin Hell 12:51 18th June 2022
The last two years have been very challenging since the COVID pandemic reared it's ugly head. This of course has had a knock on effect in many ways, the cost of living being hit hard almost exponentially. - Fuel hitting over 2.00 a Litre, 20+% on food, 30+% on Gas, electric etc & no pay increases to cover.

I do recall you asking for donations some time ago H. What ever happened about it?

My back is fux0rd some more now. Couldn't walk properly for three weeks & didn't even dare to drive the whole time, now four weeks ago. Just did my first week back in work & now referred for an MRI with some deep Sports physio.

Deb & I are good though. - 25 years together on October 19th this year; I get treated to my 60th year of residing on this rock; Deb has bought me the T-Shirt already!

Harrison 15:22 19th June 2022
25 years is great. We have our 14th this year. So many give up the days after only a few years with some lame excuses.

Back problems are a nightmare. I have had a bad back for years now. Getting older for us all. Pit mine out lay year at at Christmas. Went on a diet in thr new year and so far lost 2 stone and that's really helped with my back though and given me more energy.

Regarding donations. I got a few but they only covered 1 month's hosting costs so useful but not long term. I might look at cheaper cloud hosting just to keep the forums running, and close the rest down. Depends how much time I have over the summer.
Kin Hell 14:15 21st June 2022
If you need some breathing space, I can make a donation to help....
Harrison 12:04 1st July 2022
Any donations would be very welcome to help out.

I might actually have found a cheaper hosting solution to move the site over to, to save hosting hosts. Running a VM droplet server. We have been testing one to move Amibay to and it is so far performing well. For Amibay we are ditching vBulletin and moving to Xenforo. Something I originally tried to get them to do but they wanted to stick with vBulletin, which ended in disaster. We won't know how well the VM actually performs until its turned over to the menbers and we see real traffic and the impact it has to performance. If it's good I will definitely be considering one to half my monthly costs. I might also consider moving over to Xenforo too if I then do press on with my ongoing rejuvenation plans for these forums. We will see.
Kin Hell 08:43 2nd July 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Any donations would be very welcome to help out.

See PayPal.
Harrison 11:33 6th July 2022
Thanks mate, much appreciated. 👍
Kin Hell 17:12 7th July 2022
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Thanks mate, much appreciated. 👍

Harrison 09:15 8th July 2022
After much contemplation my plan now I'm completely rid of Amibay is to focus entirely on Classicamiga and its future. After my August holidays I'm going to start planning what to do and would like to hear any ideas you all have for the site. Doesn't matter what they are.

For me the one thing we have all lost due to social media is a proper retro community like the old days. I'm fed up with Facebook and most social media, but there are lots of great people out there creating great content on Youtube for the retro community. So I want to bring back community spirit for retro and emulation like we once had. I know this forum has never gone away but the members stopped posting a long time ago because I just didn't have time to geberate the interest needed and neglected this project for the sake of another in my spare time that I finally realise was a complete waste of my efforts over the many years.

Anyway I'm back to being devoted to this site and promise it will somehow rise from the ashes and hopefully start to see members return.

I'm going to field ideas from others I know, including some very well respected friends I have from the Amiga days such as well know creators of the Amiga and Amiga publishers, artists and musicians. Just to get ideas of what they would like to see to honour the Amiga's menory.
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