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Thread: I hope everyone is OK
Demon Cleaner 12:41 8th July 2022
I'm still here, won't leave so easily

Next Friday I'm leaving to Finland once again for 1 month until August 13th, after that I will be available again.

I never used any kind of social media, never have been on facebook, I really don't need it, and strangely enough I've become like a "dinosaur" when it comes to that, have no idea how anything of that stuff works because interest is zilch.

You should let us know about the server and hosting costs, then I will also contribute and donate, but at the moment I have no idea where you're at? (@Kin Hell: How much did you donate )

I'm more than ever into emulation during the last 3 years than I ever was before, including emulation in LaunchBox, Batocera, SimpleMenu, EmuElec and the last 2 weeks I'm busy adding stuff to my 1TB SD in my Odin Pro on which I use Launchbox for Android. So I got Windows, Android and Linux covered.

Talking about emulation, sometimes it's really self inventing. Example? Yesterday I spend the whole day adding Amiga games to the Odin. Sounds easy? Well not exactly. Launchbox has one nice feature which was added recently, export to Android. That works also fine with "normal" ROM files, you chose your games then click on export, chose the images you want and it exports the database to a folder and also creates the needed platform xml file. Then you click on a button and it transfers it to your SD card. Done. A little bit of tweaking but not much on the Odin Android side.

For the Amiga in Launchbox I have 2 different platform entries, one for lha and one for adf. For both of them I use FS-UAE as it uses configuration files to start the games, a lot of them were pre-configured, some of them I did myself. Problem with the export is that it will download your config files and not the lha or adf, as they are stored somewhere else. So you cannot use that method. So basically what I did, I did a 3rd entry in Launchbox for Amiga Android, and added my 1775 games to it. Once added, I went through all of them to add the images I need which are clear logo, front box and gameplay picture Don't need to tell you, it took me around 6 hours to do only that. Ah home office.

Once that was done I did the final export, but still had to manually add games that use more than 1 disk, as for those I'm using m3u files which is the best when it comes to RetroArch as it handles them fine. They were already existing as I also use them on my handhelds, Android boxes or Raspberry.

For the larger ROM files I go through all of them and only take the ones I want, as I cannot just use them all being limited to 1TB. That would then be starting with Saturn, DC, PSX, PSP, GC, Wii, PS2 and that stuff. But I'm almost there, at least everything from 32bit and down is complete. Still having to figure out how to import ScummVM though, as again, in Launchbox I launch them via bat files, not possible on Android. I installed ScummVM on the Odin and they run fine from there, but the idea is to launch everything from within Launchbox and not by using the external emulators. I mean I use Redream for DC, but I launch the game within Launchbox and it runs in the background in the Redream emulator. But for 32bit and down I'm only using RetroArch, once configured with the controls and best cores, it runs everything good enough. Most cores have come a long way. Even PUAE 2021.

Lots of talking here, but then you have something to read, as not a lot of people come by. Hopefully that will change once again. Let me know if you need anything else.

DC out.
Kin Hell 08:26 9th July 2022
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
<snip>@Kin Hell: How much did you donate <snip>
That's a bit like asking a woman how old she is....

It's also a bit like giving a gift, of any type. - Doesn't matter what it is, it's always the thought that counts.

Harrison 17:01 9th July 2022

Right I've been thinking about this.

My plan for the autumn is to upgrade these forums to current software, then we can start to try and inject some new life into them and concentrate on the retro stuff we still find interesting. Like the old days, not taking it too seriously but sharing retro and emulation stuff. Posting about up coming new releases etc.

After that we can look at doing other stuff.

For this I will need to ditch vBulletin as the forum software. We are running version 4, and it's now long abandoned. The current vBulletin 5 is bad. I upgrade Amibay to it and had regretted it ever since. All plugin and mod developers jumped ship and abandoned it so it had no support or features. The vBulletin 4 devs left and created the forum software they had always wanted and that is Xenforo. I therefore I plan on migrating this forum to Xenforo. But that does cost money so I need to work out a way to buy it. Donations would be welcome but not expected.

Anyway that's my current plan for classicamiga. I'm on holiday for 3 weeks in August then I will start planning things.
Kin Hell 10:02 10th July 2022
160 Bucks for self hosted....

Crikey @ their cloud rates though.
Harrison 08:23 11th July 2022
The licence isn't a bad price. Although they then charge 50 extra per year for support and access to software updates.

Thr cloud hosting is really aimed at businesses that don't want the hassle of don't know what they are doing. Many are doing this now. VBulletin offers a similar hosting.
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