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Thread: Finally secured a PS5!
Kin Hell 09:09 20th January 2022
H's silence suggests only one thing....

He's burnt his thumbs out whilst spanking the PS5's controller pad in a manner where he ended up drooling Dry!
Harrison 09:06 21st January 2022
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
Btw, how much did you pay for the PS5?

There's a guy on eBay in Germany who sells one, he sold already many with positive feedback. He sells the disc version for 695 and I thought that's quite an Ok price, too expensive yes, but considering that nobody has them in stock and in the beginning they sold for way over 1000.
As I bought it directly from Sony it was retail price 449. I would never pay inflated prices from scalpers reselling at silly prices.
Demon Cleaner 07:10 14th February 2022
I got one too. Setting it up now.
Harrison 09:32 14th February 2022
Nice. Where did you managed to get one in the end?

Let me know what you think once you are up and running. Give the free Astrobot game that comes preinstalled a play as it shows off the new controller and its heptic feedback really well, and it's quite a nice little platformer too.

And to showcase the PS5 in all its 4K glory I highly recommend Ghost of Tsushima PS5 version. If you already own the PS4 version you have to upgrade to the directors cut, and then to the PS5 version. You can do it from the tile in your game library.

Another game I'm really enjoyed is Guardians of the Galaxy. Its quite linear, but the graphics are gorgeous and the voice acting is amazing. Really pulls you into the Guardians universe as the characters are constantly taling, bickering and fighting in the background.

If there is one criticism the controller seems to srain its battery far quicker than the PS4 ones. Maybe I just didn't have it fully charged, but it didn't seem to last that long before the PS5 started telling me the battery was getting low.
Demon Cleaner 14:57 14th February 2022
I played Astrobot with my girlfriend, she liked it too. Finished one level so far. How is the Ratchet game, I have all of them, but didn't play any yet.

I own Ghost of Tsushima, wanted to play it on the PC but noticed that it's now out on PC.

I also bought a second controller, the red one, looks really nice.

Guardians of the Galaxy I would definitely get for the PC, it's cheaper

And I eventually got it from eBay for 700, I know I know, too much.
Harrison 15:24 14th February 2022
GoT really takes advantage of the PS5 and you can upgrade if you already own the PS4 version.

One game I highly recommend if you girlfriend likes platformers is Sackboy. Great Mario style game.

One other thing I discovered. Because the 4K resolution I couldn't play Planet coaster downstairs on the 43" TV. I had to move really close to the screen to read some of the menus. Played it in the games room on the 65" and easy to read. So that's really the first time I've seem an argument for needing a larger screen. For films you really don't notice too much difference, but text in a 4K game, definitely! Obviously on a PC you are sat right by the screen so it can be much smaller.
J T 20:05 14th February 2022
I had the Small Text problem in The Outer Worlds. Plus, it was a boring game to me and I really didn't care about it at all, so I stopped playing.

If I'd known it was 'fallout in space' I would have avoided. Fallout just never clicked for me.

The PS5 controller has a lot of fancy swishy tech in it, doesn't it? I suppose all that jazz would drain the battery quicker than simpler devices.
Harrison 10:11 15th February 2022
That's what I'm thinking. The heptic feedback has to drain it faster. Made me wonder about battery capacity and looking it up the PS5 controllers have a 1500 mAh Lothium battery, whereas the PS4 controllers are 1000 mAh. So they have increased the capacity. And it's stated to last 12-15 hours on a full charge. Maybe I just didn't have it fully charged.
Demon Cleaner 05:40 16th February 2022
I played Ghost of Tsushima yesterday for 2 hours, really good game, but I knew that already. Upgrade to PS5 was 25 though, because it's the Legends edition.

The haptic feedback is ok I think, gets on my nerves a bit the longer I use it. I can understand why it was praised as a new feature, but I think I will switch it off at some point. Drains less battery too.

My girlfriend will probably not play games with me anyways, if the game uses more than one button, she's lost. Sometimes she likes to play old Mario though.

I pre ordered Horizon Forbidden West, as I really enjoyed Zero Dawn, and the sequel looks gorgeous.

I liked The Outer Worlds, for me it was even a bit too short, finished it in around 20 hours, would have liked to play a bit more but didn't care about the DLCs. I also finished Fallout 4, thought in the beginning I wouldn't like it, but turned out to be very enjoyable.
Harrison 00:12 17th February 2022
I think the best use of the Heptic feedback is what it can do with the trigger buttons, because it can really change the way they feel depending on what you are doing.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can achieve with it in Gran Turismo 7. They say you will be able to feel the different road surfaces through the controller. I wait to see how much this is true. Really looking forward to GT7 though. Not long to wait now.
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