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Thread: AmiBay Update...
Kin Hell 16:30 5th September 2021
From the few comments I've read on Face Book & no.... I am not a member....

It looks like you've had a few issues getting the 0ld Site up to speed H.
Harrison 14:39 6th September 2021
Indeed. I abandoned the upgrade and migration to a new server late Saturday (after wasting a lot of Friday and Saturday on it).

The new server purchased for the migration wasn't fit for purpose. Ionos have decided to restrict the maximum database size of MySQL5.7 databases to 2GB! How mad is that, on your own dedicated server! And in fact when you try to create a new database it actually now states 1GB. The Amibay db is currently 3.5GB so that was a non starter.

So now looking at alternative hosts again. I was really hoping to get the site moved over the weekend, so it was out of my hands. So annoyed.
Kin Hell 09:00 10th September 2021
Hosting with a Max of 2GB for MySQL? -

J T 22:14 13th September 2021
My standard advice in a situation like this is to consider taking off and nuking the site from orbit.
Harrison 23:45 13th September 2021
I was communicating with the datacentre support discussing alternative solutions and they said the only option to allow a larger database was to obtain a root server instead of a managed server. I took a look but currently their cheapest root server is 90 + vat pwr month, compared to 35 + vat for the new managed server. Amibay donations only allow 50 pm max so that's a non starter. Plus the amusing thing is the hardware the cheapest root server is based on is using a CPU that came out 8 years ago! Complete rip off.
Kin Hell 11:35 19th November 2021
So what gives with AmiBay?

There appears to be a front end & that's it. Can not see any for sale or wanted sections....

*edit* So if I type "".... I see the forums. - Why isn't there a Forum link to click on or am I missing something?
Harrison 23:07 20th November 2021
There's a bug in the homepage main forum list module. It only loads the content randomly some of the day. Haven't been able to work out why. It should work like this site with the /forum being the second level form like here. It does load the front page sometimes.

But after all the work I did upgrading the site to vBulletin 5 I've concluded it is complete c r a p. I won't be upgrading this forum to version 5. The developers stripped loads of features and changed how everything works. There are hardly any plugins as most of the developers have jumped ship. There have been loads of bugs and the developers illogically moved core admin settings.

The conclusion being, it is not staying and the site will be moving again. Come the new year i will be migrated it again to the different forum software Xenforo. That is made by the original vBulletin developers who left when vBulletin was bought out by another company. In contrast to vB5 Xenforo has over 4000 plugins just like the older vBulletin 4 days did. The only difference is Xenforo is a lot more commercial with many plugins being commercial. However a couple of Amibay members volunteered to pay completely for its licence and feedback system.

I'm liking Xenforo so much I'm considering it for here.
Harrison 23:22 20th November 2021
Other news. One of the Lead moderators Sardine stepped down from the staff. He kept moaning and going off on one about the original site being slow, then about the changes in vB5 not being the same as vB4. Demanding features that were not possible were restored. Ranting in public posts about it. Anyway, probably best gone.

It means the site really only had 3 admins now. Myself, Davideo and Merlin. But managed to recruit 6 new moderators last week though.
Kin Hell 11:23 23rd November 2021
I can still login but get this:


What Line??
Harrison 09:22 24th November 2021
Do you want access again? I can release your account back to standard user.
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