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Thread: Odin
Demon Cleaner 06:04 18th August 2021
Just got a new mail from Indiegogo about the Odin, whose campaign will start soon.
Harrison 13:22 18th August 2021
Looks very nice. Form factor is very nice. Screensize and resolution are great. CPU, GPU, ram etc are all a big step up from the current generation of retro handhelds. The price for the pro version converted from HK$ is about 186 so not actually that expensive either. And the lite is only about 120 which for the spec seems a bargain. But why would you buy that over the Pro.

Only downsides I instantly noticed were the joystick layout. I, like most, prefer the dpad at the top and the 2 sticks either side lower down. I also noticed the controls state only the left stick is analogue, and the right one is digital. Bit annoying for things like Playstation games, but ok for things like N64 emulation where it would be mapped to the C buttons.

Will be very interesting to see how this handles PSP, N64, Dreamcast, Saturn and possibly even Gamecube emulation.

Is Android the best OS vs Linux? I noticed it mentioned Windows support so that's an interesting option, but you then have OS overhead. Android can often open up many different possibilities, but it's never quite as elegant as a custom Linux build.

This is also a lot cheaper than the Steam Deck, and is stated as being out the end of this year, so we will get to see how good it is months before Steam bring their handheld to market.

It will also be very interesting to see what all the other makers such as Anbernic and PowKiddy do next, as the existing hardware spec most have been using is now being left behind.
Harrison 15:17 21st August 2021
This is a video you have probably seen because this YouTuber seems to be about the only one who has been recirculation preview development Odin devices and actively testing it.

The dock with its native N64 and Gamecube ports looks really cool.

Very tempting handheld, but, as other YouTubers without access to a real device are pointing out, this is from new manufacturer with no track record, and this will be crowdfunded where it takes your money straight away regardless of hitting its target or ever shipping any units. So I will wait into these are at retail for real hanhs on reviews.

Equally the Steam Deak is going to walk all over this in terms of performance, and I'm definitely buying one of those at the moment.
Demon Cleaner 06:00 25th August 2021
I'm definitely going to wait, and probably not get one. Quite pleased with the One XPlayer at the moment.
Harrison 10:33 27th August 2021
I'm tempted. Whilst I am going to get a Steam Deck, I'm invested in this as an alternative mainly for emulation of newer systems. But I will be waiting until its already released.
Harrison 14:36 15th December 2021
Have you watched the latest videos Ayn have been making, showing the Odin Pro running games?

They have now showcased a few emulated PS2 games running perfectly at 60fps, and it looks really good. So tempted so I can use it to play through some of the menu PS2 RPGs I never had time to play.
Demon Cleaner 01:52 16th December 2021
Yes I've seen, but I don't wanna spend much money on something I basically already have. OneXPlayer runs PS2 just fine too. Plus I mainly keep it to play my PC games when I'm on holiday.
Harrison 09:43 16th December 2021
You have to admit it's impressive performance for the 217 price point.
Demon Cleaner 17:12 16th December 2021
Oh, my fault, I thought you were talking about the AYA NEO Pro, that one is quite expensive. It's the one I first backed before switching to the OneXPlayer.

The Odin might really be interesting for emulation only instead of carrying around many devices. The RG552 comes with a 5 year old chip, has shitty firmware which the company seems not to care about at all, that's pretty lame, they might lose some faithful customers because of that, plus it's very expensive. I was waiting for it to come out and buy one, but latest reviews really showed my the weaknesses and basically told me off.

But thanks for reminding me, I actually ordered one Odin Pro now

Btw, I also pre-ordered the Retroid Pocket 2+ in the 16-bit look version, it looks very nice, is quite affordable, and seems to be quite powerful too.
Harrison 11:31 17th December 2021
Yeah it is a bit confusing the two company names AYA and AYN. It confused me quite a lot to begin with.

Great you have ordered one. I've still not yet because I already have a Steam Deck preordered but I've been looking at the Odin since early information so will most likely buy one.

And yes, the Anbernic RG552 is receiving some quite bad reviews. Build quailty doesn't seem up to their usual standard, with reviews saying the plastic case flexes when being used. Like you I was going to buy one as their previous systems have been so good. But the move to Android hasn't helped, although you can dual boot it into Linux. But the old chipset and price don't make a lot of sense when you put it next to the Odin Pro.
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