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Thread: Odin
Kin Hell 18:58 25th July 2022
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
Yes, Iíve been following the handheld scene for longer time now and I have to say that itís quite difficult to keep up with all the releases, thereís just too many.

Buy a nice Amiga & have a break.
Demon Cleaner 07:39 26th July 2022
No space for an Amiga, I just emulate it on the handhelds
Harrison 09:38 26th July 2022
The handheld scene really has taken off in the last 3 years and is great we are now getting real quality products.

The AYN Odin's are definitely the best at the moment, and it's great to see the team didn't just stop with their first success, but are continuing development.
Demon Cleaner 21:27 27th July 2022
I put my OneXPlayer for sale on eBay and preordered the Loki Max. I donít use the OneXPlayer at all, I think that on the go, like now in Finland, I like to play retro games and not Windows games, itís just so much nicer to pick up and play.

I know that the OneXPlayer is by far more powerful than the Odin Pro and I could use even higher end emulation, but itís huge in size and at least 3 times the weight of the Odin, which definitely gives the Odin a big advantage. It feels very comfortable in your hands but after one hour you have to put it away.

And as far as I know the Loki Max will be around if not exactly the same size than the Odin plus very powerful. I got 125$ discount because I backed the Odin, which is already very nice. Plus it comes also with Windows which will be a big plus compared the the Odin.
Harrison 16:30 29th July 2022

The Odin definitely has the advantage of size compared to most PC hardware based handhelds.

I was tempted by the Loki but as my Steam Deck should be with me in the next month or so I don't really have a need for one. Although the Deck is much bigger looking at the pictures, so if I suddenly needed one for using on a train or bus I would be tempted. I also expect the Loki will have a longer lasting battery.

Look forward to finding out what you think when it arrives. Have they given an estimated delivery date?
Demon Cleaner 04:25 6th October 2022
So I had put my OneXPlayer on eBay some months ago, I put a price tag of 979Ä. One week later a guy offered me 900Ä, I made a counter offer of 925Ä but he declined. And that was it. During that period now I went down with the price all the time, at the moment I'm at 849Ä and I regularly get offers ranging from 400-500Ä, which are not realistic. I should have sold it to the first guy We always know better afterwards.
Harrison 09:04 6th October 2022
I probably would have taken that offer to be fair. But sometimes it can pay off to stick to a price. You just don't know. Where are you advertising it for sale?
Demon Cleaner 18:16 6th October 2022
It's on eBay, but I removed it yesterday as we leave tomorrow to London. Will put it online again once I'm back.
Harrison 11:40 7th October 2022
Might be worth considering alternative places to advertise it, suxh as retro and emulation forums.
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