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Thread: Retro Arcade cabinet for sale locally
Harrison 13:08 4th May 2021
Someone on Facebook marketplace listed a newly built MAME style arcade cabinet for just 250 yesterday. You couldn't buy the flatpack cabinet kits for that, and it looked like it had proper arcade controls and a nice display. It states 3000 games included but otherwise absolutely no information about it. I messaged them asking what hardware was inside the cabinet and recieved a one word reply "windows".

Safe to say I didn't bother pursuing it further. Was it a genuine sale? Who knows. Maybe he just didn't quite know the real value or somehow acquired it via a friend or relative and had no idea. I sensed something a bit off with it though. If you were going to sell something like that surely you have a quick look online to gauge prices and the market?

There are some strange people out there though. But it does mean you can sometimes still grab a bargain. We managed to buy 2 nearly new armchairs for 25 for both! They were made by Next and we know they would have been about 400 each originally. The woman was originally listing them for 30 but knocked 5 off because she thought there might be a mark on the back of one. It was funny they appeared for sale because we had only just bought the matching sofa in a Next sale about 2 weeks before. Strange things happen.
Demon Cleaner 14:46 4th May 2021
Quite lucky with the sofa, usually it's the opposite. I buy a game for PS4, you can be sure that next month it's in PS Plus
Harrison 23:06 5th May 2021
That happens to me too. I can't remember the games but I bought a few in the Christmas sales then 2 of them were on Plus. A bit annoying.

Same happens with Steam. Buy something in a sale then it's given away in Humble Bundle.

I actually need to stop buying PS4 games because O still haven't finished the couple v in mainly playing, so any more I buy just stretch the number to be played further into the distance Think I will need to live to be about 150 at this rate to get through them all!
Demon Cleaner 02:25 Yesterday
A 48 hour day would be perfect, where you would only have to sleep 4 hours and work 2