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Thread: Retro Handhelds
Demon Cleaner 07:57 28th April 2021
Originally Posted by Harrison:
ut the 351Elec team have just released the final version, saying they have finished development and won't be doing any more. So no further updates.
Yeah, I read that some days ago.

I'm more into setup and go, although I wanna configure everything nicely, so that already takes time. Never was a fan of old school FPS anyways, so Doom and Quake are not important to me. Not into multiplayer either.

- - - Updated - - -

Here some pictures.

My Switch Lite with my nice yellow pouch

The RG350M and the PowKiddy RGB10

My 2 PS Vita

And my RG351V

Harrison 13:41 28th April 2021
Very nice collection of handhelds.

There's another new one just around the corner that looks like it could be something very interesting. No current name or where its from, so early previewers have nicenamed it the 199 because its rumoured to go on sale for that price. Here's some info and a video.

"A $199 Android Handheld that We've Never Seen – retromimi"
Demon Cleaner 14:24 28th April 2021
Do we have the same subscriptions in YouTube I watched it already.
J T 23:09 28th April 2021
Amazing how smart the black Vita looks and yet how fugly the white one is. That white bezel makes unreasonably and disproportionately angry.

I think the wood-effect gameboy-shape device looks really cool. Is it comfortable to hold and play though?
Demon Cleaner 05:28 29th April 2021
It feels excellent in your hands. And it has 4 nice shoulder buttons which can be reached perfectly. Plus notice this little "bumps" or what you call them in english on the back, gives a perfect feel and hold for your hands.

J T 08:15 29th April 2021
Wow that is not how I was expecting the back to look. I am impressed with that shaping. Looks good.
Harrison 08:57 30th April 2021
Anbernic are in a league of their own when it comes to build quailty and design. Especially when you consider this is a Chinese company designing retro emulation handhelds at a sub $100 price point.
Demon Cleaner 03:04 3rd May 2021
There's also the final release of ArkOS out now, development will be stopped too, like EmuElec.
Harrison 01:41 4th May 2021
Really? I hadn't read that. Bit disappointing in a way. But equally if they have ironed all the bugs out and made them the best they can then no point continuing to tinker.

Plus it also means we can setup the final versions of these OSs, knowing it will be the one to keep, so more time can be devoted to make it exactly how we want.

I wonder if this Askaig hints at a new generation of Anbernic handhelds coming soon? A possible 352P? And if so let's hope the spec is increased enough to start exploring the next generation of system emulation.
Demon Cleaner 03:56 4th May 2021
PowKiddy just brought out the RGB10 Max, which is almost the same like the normal RGB10 although with 5" screen. And apparently the built quality is a bit better. Specs are unfortunately the same, and I tend to think that they always seem to miss big opportunities in doing that, instead of just releasing it with a bit better chip and a bit more RAM. Plus this one's also over 100$.
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