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Thread: COVID-19
Kin Hell 12:42 29th March 2020
After everything you've been through, that's Good news to hear D.C.
Tiago 12:00 30th March 2020
Great news DC!

Anyone can explain me the Masks or no Masks? Everyday i read a different article about it. Some say that masks don't do anything for the ones are not infected, and can do even do worst. In the beginning world health organization said to not use masks, then some countries said to used it. Some people said they said not to use because there were no masks for everybody. But now a lot of people/news say to wear it all the time....
WTF do we do?

In WHO website that sould be the maximum authority in this subject:

they say and i will copy/paste:
When to use a mask
For healthy people wear a mask only if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV Infection

So is this info in WHO website not updated? I really don't know were to look...
Stephen Coates 22:47 30th March 2020
I don't think there is a definitive answer for masks.

If you have symptoms, wearing a mask will help prevent you from breathing/coughing on other people. But if you don't have it, a mask probably won't stop you from getting it. But I guess it may lower the risk a little if you are in close proximity to others who are coughing.

It would also depend on the type of mask. Are we on about simple dust masks? Or masks that will actually stop viruses?

I think its a decision you'd have to make on a personal basis.
J T 23:57 30th March 2020
Remember also that masks are only effective for a certain amount of time (surgical masks, for example, become saturated with moisture after a little while).

Wearing them all the time or when out and about (or un-necessarily) isn't really helpful to you or to anyone else - and if everyone wears them unnecessarily it could cause a shortage for medical staff that do actually need it.

Personally, I have not bothered with a mask at all.
Kin Hell 11:21 31st March 2020
Apparently, COVID-19 get's into the body via eyes as well. Any body tissue with a mucus membrane appears to accelerate growth. -

Kudos to Mercedes F1 & Co. for the new method of getting Oxygen into the lugs without the need of a Ventilator. -
J T 02:00 1st April 2020
Originally Posted by Kin Hell:
Apparently, COVID-19 get's into the body via eyes as well. Any body tissue with a mucus membrane appears to accelerate growth. -
Did you read the page fully, because that's not really an accurate representation of what it said. It said :

- Generally, though, transmission of COVID-19 comes with so many unknowns that it’s “plausible but unlikely”
- could potentially happen
- Medical officials, though, say while this is possible, it may be unlikely

Which is quite different to 'it gets into the body via your eyes'

Also 'Any body tissue with a mucus membrane appears to accelerate growth' is technically inaccurate too - the article mentions how it's usual that viruses enter through these tissues (rather than directly though skin which is much thicker and drier than mucous membranes).

I get that its a scary situation and we all want to feel upto date, but misinformation (even unintentionally) can be unhelpful.
Kin Hell 10:46 2nd April 2020
@ J T

& I expect there is plenty more misinformation to come yet. - They're not even telling the true death count in some countries with Russia enforcing Jail Time for people not conforming.

I certainly would be concerned if an unfortunate individual with COVID-19 coughed or sneezed in my face, wouldn't you?
J T 23:35 2nd April 2020
Originally Posted by :
I certainly would be concerned if an unfortunate individual with COVID-19 coughed or sneezed in my face, wouldn't you?
I mean, sure, a cough or sneeze in my face at any time and regardless of other world events would be most unwelcome and I'd be pretty pissed off for a number of reasons including concern of transmissible illness, COVID-19 or otherwise, - but - sharing an article along with inaccurate statements on the content is my main point for you. Yes there's already plenty of misinformation, but there's no point adding to it.
Kin Hell 10:24 3rd April 2020
I expect there will be a whole pile of truth come out in the months ahead about COVID-19. - I expect it was around for some time before it was officially announced, especially with China dicking out on the true death toll.

Funny thing is, when stuff like this happens in the World, there is always an incomprehensible amount of "Stupid" comes along.

With regard to adding to misinformation, we're all big enough & ugly enough to work it out for ourselves. The internet is full of it & we're a part of it, just like COVID-19.
Kin Hell 09:17 27th April 2020
Well, two weeks ago, an old work colleague I know (Engineering) was taken to Treliske Hospital with breathing difficulties. He'd been suffering for almost two weeks & his wife ran him down in the car because they wouldn't send an Ambulance. - He tested Positive on arrival at A&E.

Four days later, he was one of 24 that had been fortunate enough to walk out after infection. - 36 other victims did leave the hospital but in body bags....

Deb & I were lamenting how we felt at the end of January & into February & so many people we have talked with are of the opinion of having had all the symptoms. Incessant coughing, drooling uncontrollably whilst coughing & retching. Shortness of breath for very little effort. Had sweats on & off but not a raging temperature. Deb had to sleep on inclined pillows for 5 nights.... meh!

I'd be a lot happier if they were doing testing on everyone before even thinking of lifting the Lockdown procedures.
It could undo what everyone has sacrificed so far & yet America think they are too proud to comply.

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