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Thread: COVID-19
J T 02:28 24th March 2020
Similar situ out here in Aus.

Things gradually getting closed down, I suspect it won't be long until almost everything is in full lockdown and shut. My workplace counts as a 'key facility' so we'll be keeping staffed as much as we can - with split shifts, social isolation etc to try and protect ourselves. Most of my staff here can;t do work from home (I can, and a few of the others can, but not many)
Stephen Coates 16:08 24th March 2020
I see Boris has tried once again to stop people from going out and mixing with each other.

I had a Boris-sanctioned trip to the doctors' to pick up my Mum's prescription this morning, followed by purchasing a local newspaper. This afternoon I went for some Boris-sanctioned-exercise in the form of a 20 mile rural bicycle ride.

I see all the patriots have been applauding the NHS, so much that they are getting their own dedicated shopping hours (which probably won't fit in with people's shifts), and generous donations from businesses. As a patient who gets treated with utter contempt by the NHS and is regularly denied basic services (and knows several other people in the same boat), I cannot help but find this very insulting.

I expect it won't be too long till the press is full of stories again about people who can't get the treatment they need, abuse, incompetence, money wasting, managers' salaries etc.
Demon Cleaner 08:25 25th March 2020
Just wrote a mail to our director if it would be possible for me to do home office. I know it is possible, but I don't know if they would let me do it, on the other hand it is what's suggested by the government, so hopefully it might work out. Wish me luck
Tiago 10:46 25th March 2020
Wish you luck DC.
I am now at home for 12 days. I am able to work almost as i were in my office. But i now not everyone can do this.
I don't have the number update for today but yesterday here in Portugal we had 2362 cases and 33 deaths. Our numbers are similar to Sweden in the last days so i will follow their numbers to compare evolution.
I have a local small mini market were i can buy basic stuff for everyday life. I usually don't have more then 5 people waiting. We are making waiting lines with 1 to 2 meter gap between people.
Just trying to make a normal life, if that's possible.... i miss my everyday walking, as i usually walk 5 km everyday.
In my free time me and my GF we watch netflix a bit, anyone notice the image quality going down? And also some model kits. I am building a F/A-18 in 1:72 scale. And i have a Eagle Transport from Space 1999 also to build.
What are you doing in your free time? When i say free time i now it has a different concept depending if you are working at home or not. If you not working i guess free time is in a larger scale.... that should be very good for same days, but after some weeks i don't know...
Kin Hell 09:03 26th March 2020
Good Luck D.C.

Prince Charles has tested Positive for COVID-19 & both he & the Duchess of Cornwall are Self Isolating on Brikhall, their Scottish 53,000 Acre Estate.

Meanwhile Front Line Workers still have no PPE & are expected to do their Jobs as usual with a Two Metre gap between colleagues. - Dammit....... No PPE, No work!

Some NHS Workers have even had plastic bags tied around their feet!

I'm in Logistics & currently on Annual Leave until April 3rd, but the business is flat out & busier than ever. - My partner is in Stock Control for a Leading Supermarket & is now on Customer Services as there is no stock to control right now.
Demon Cleaner 11:00 26th March 2020
No decision yet, so I sent the same mail to my direct chef, who was against it 10 days ago. But I could now see in a chart that already 76% of our people are doing home office! I don't see the issue here, but that might again just be me, as they always seem to see everything a lot more difficult than it actually is.
J T 02:47 27th March 2020
I wish more of my staff could work from home but sadly it's just not possible. We've had the kids off school since Tuesday - the schools aren't closed but the recommendation isn't to send the kids. Both Lady T and I count as essential workers at the moment, so we could if we wanted to send them, but as our shifts don't overlap we found it hard to justify sending the kids to school.

Working from home, with 3 kids around, isn't terribly productive but I was able to do enough.

- - - Updated - - -

There have been some good memes coming from all this, and my 'lads chat' whatsapp group has been blowing up with some of those jokey forwarded messages (some utter filth in there too tho)
Demon Cleaner 11:49 27th March 2020
Ok, so as I didn't get any reply yet, I was reading again all of the government mails we got so far about the virus and work.

In one of the mails it mentions that people who are at risk, MUST do home office, and if it's not possible, they get full exemption (does one say so?). Leave of absence?

So I called my house doctor, and he told me straight away that I'm a person at risk, because I had a heart operation a bit over a year ago, plus I have chronic respiratory problems, have to get a radio of my lungs and need a scanner for my sinus, taking medication on a regular basis, having problems breathing. Thus he wrote me a certificate, which I will use now to get either home office, and if that's not possible, get a complete sick leave as long as this goes on.

Will have to call my boss later and check with him.
Kin Hell 11:13 28th March 2020
Any news yet D.C.?
Demon Cleaner 21:01 28th March 2020
It's ok now, will pick up my laptop from work on Monday and then I can do home office, sad enough that you have to go the whole mile though.
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