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Thread: Merry Christmas 2019
Kin Hell 10:36 21st December 2019
Just wanted to extend Christmas Greetings to all here on Classic.

A very Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year to you all.
Stephen Coates 14:17 21st December 2019
Happy Christmas . I think I still have my RetroScrooge signature in place from last time.

What's everyone up to? I'm playing with routers and networking, but I'm looking forward to having some turkey on Christmas Day.
Tiago 08:40 26th December 2019
Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year !!
Harrison 20:39 28th December 2019
Happy belated Christmas to everyone.

For the first time we had Christmas with both my parents and my mother in law. And we now see why we haven't before! Lol. We held it at my mother in laws house, but we had to do all the decorating, tidying and cooking the Christmas dinner!

What presents did you all get?

My wife got me Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and a couple of SW T Shirts, but I didn't get any other SW, retro or gaming things. Sort of knew that on advance so bought a few discounted PS4 games before Christmas and a couple of retro books.

Also got a Nextbase 522GW dashcam from my mother in law, so will be installing that tomorrow. Built in Alexa.. not sure how much I will actually use that in the car. My car already has voice commands built in.. I played around eith iui t when I first got the car and have never touched it since. I suppose I can activate my smart house lights and heating before I get out the car! But could anyway on my phone. Lol

My son got loads of Lego sets, so spent the last few days building those with him. We now need an extra lego room!!! Will post another thread about out Lego collection later. Our Lego train setup is growing!

Also went to see Rise of Skywalker again today for my birthday. Second time as also went on release day. Personally think it's easily the best of this trilogy. Some proper surprises and twists, and I found it quite emotional, even the second time. My son loved it. My wife didn't. She said it was boring! Hmm.
Stephen Coates 15:03 31st December 2019
I treated myself to a DrayTek 2926n router for Christmas since I've been playing with networking lately. And I got lots of chocolate from family .

It'll be good to see the Lego harrison. I've never been particularly interested in Lego, but people do do some cool things with it.
Tiago 12:34 9th January 2020
I am a huge fan of Lego, I love Technics, but also other LEGO sets. Last one was Saturn V, oh boy, what a LEGO!! I love it!
I don't have kids, but if i had, i would have a Lego city. I love LEGO.
J T 04:03 14th January 2020
Oh I have the Saturn V set too, such a clever build and really interesting techniques used. I enjoyed putting that one together immensely. My eldest (he'd just turned 6 at the time) helped me do some of it. I am considering buying another one and keeping it unopened, maybe I'll give it to him when he has his first child into lego
Tiago 12:28 21st January 2020
JT what did you do with your Saturn? Did you put it in a display?
I am still looking for a place to put it. maybe a IKEA glass vertical stand. I will put it in my basement where i work and have my rail work model. IKEA have those vertical stands where i can put the Saturn V.
But horizontal in a shelf is an other option. What will you do?
J T 00:08 22nd January 2020
At the moment, it's just stood upright, assembled, on a bedside table because that's the only space in the house that is both mine, and clear, and also a bit further away from kids throwing balls and things. It seems reasonably safe there and is still visible or accessible, although it's not an ideal location it's the best I've got for now. The other parts (the water landing diorama, the moon surface, the stands for horizontal display and the tiny nanofigures) are just in a box in the wardrobe.

I do let the kids play with it (gently) from time to time, or I get it out and handle it (!). I have considered taking it to my office at work and putting it on display there but then I probably wouldn't get to notice it as much. I have seen a lot of pictures on FB (there's a group for the Saturn V lego set) of it in the ikea vertical display case and it looks OK, it's a nice case but also to me it seems a little bit too 'sterile' in a 'hands off' way. Some people have even built the launch pad and tower out of lego too.
Tiago 12:25 27th January 2020
I was thinking in something like this for the Saturn V:
ikea saturn v stand.PNG
Just remove the horizontal glass and the saturn v will fill fine. And i still have space for some other stuff
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