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Thread: Holiday ahead
Demon Cleaner 13:49 8th June 2019
We’re flying to Rhodes tomorrow for 11 days, and we’re gonna stay in the Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa, a 5 star, adults only, all inclusive hotel. You can check it out on

Never had all inclusive before, but we always wanted to do it, and this hotel looks pretty amazing, was only build last year, so also very new.

We’re staying in a junior swim up suite, where you have a pool straight away on your terrasse, and the room is 38m2, space enough.

The hotel has 4 restaurants and many bars, wellness, several pools and of course private beach. Everything looks quite fantastic from the pictures, and in people’s reviews you can read that it also looks like that in reality, because sometimes pictures can fool you a bit.

Looking forward to the trip and I’ll let you know how it is
Kin Hell 19:44 9th June 2019
WOW D.C.!!!

When you do something, you always do it with Style don't you....

Hope you both have a FAB time fella & looking forward to your report. - The place looks absolutely awesome!
J T 01:01 11th June 2019
This would be an excellent place for a marriage proposal, am i right DC?

Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
Resort & Spa,... adults only,
Put your hotel room keys in a glass bowl
Demon Cleaner 10:57 11th June 2019
Originally Posted by J T:
This would be an excellent place for a marriage proposal, am i right DC?
Thatís true, and I think a lot of people are doing it here, thereís also a lot of young couples here.

So far it has been absolutely amazing, food is just awesome too, breakfast and lunch buffet are the biggest Iíve ever seen, and I visited a lot of hotels. They have at least 25-30 warm meals, same for cold, same for desserts, and they even vary every day.

Swimming pools are gorgeous and anyway the whole resort is just beautiful, fantastic architecture, high quality materials, just perfect. Gonna probably gain some weight, I eat several desserts every day
J T 00:34 12th June 2019
Sounds awesome mate, hope you have a good time.

How is the swinging action going?
Harrison 07:46 12th June 2019
Sounds brilliant. We did all inclusive last year for the first time in Spain and it's so much less hassle compared to hunting restaurants every day. Also much easier with a child.

So the marriage proposal? ;-)
Kin Hell 09:28 1st July 2019
So it's now July 1st.... come on D.C..... how was it fella?

I'm itching to know! - Pictures please!!
Demon Cleaner 05:01 3rd July 2019
Here are some my friend.

J T 23:48 4th July 2019
Oh man look at that nice pool. I bet it would have been so good to get in that, float around, take a wee, go get a beer
Demon Cleaner 04:16 5th July 2019
They're actually 2 separate pools, one bigger and one smaller, so you actually would have to hold your wee half way through and stroll to the other pool before getting your beer.

I think I had my first beer after 7-8 days, had to test it if people home would ask me how the Greek beer tastes. Was focused on their nice cocktails too much.
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