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Thread: Gotek in External Floppy Enclosure A600
iNVADER84 11:49 30th September 2018
Just got a Gotek for mrs A600 which I知 currently refurbishing to its former mediocre glory. I don稚 really like the look of the Gotek inside the A600 so looking to buy an old external Amiga floppy enclosure and fit it into that. I believe there will differences with the connections however and as I知 fairly new to the scene would a give be able to point me in the right direction? Will I need to take power from inside the A600 or is it provided by the external floppy connector?

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Harrison 08:07 2nd October 2018
The Gotek should be able to swap out the existing drive from an Amiga external floppy drive enclosure. They are designed to be a direct replacement, and if the original drive was powered from the Amiga it should remain the same.

Just remember in an external enclosure it will be DF1: and not DF0: so won't boot games from the Gotek.
iNVADER84 08:43 2nd October 2018
Thankyou for the reply. As an alternative I知 considering mounting the Gotek internally. Is there a guide on how to do this? All options I found seem to use a 3D printed bracket but not a lot of direct info for for the A600, just trying to keep it as neat as possible!

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Harrison 09:36 2nd October 2018
It depends if you want to keep the case original or don't mind modifying it.

I went the modification route and altered the drive opening so the Gotek's LCD was fully visible and the buttons accessible. I had already modded the case for other things, plus had the advantage of a spare A600 case if I ever wanted to return the A600 to original.

If you don't want to modify the case then the 3D printed mounting brackets are probably the best option. The only other way without modding the case is a long floppy drive cable passed out through the drive slot, with the drive sitting outside the case. Doesn't look pretty but the cheapest and easiest option.
Demon Cleaner 11:05 2nd October 2018
It's a pixel thing guy has a video where he installs one, watched that recently: