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Thread: Playstation Classic announced
Harrison 13:16 20th September 2018

As you have no doubt already seem, Sony has announced it will be jumping on the bandwagon and releasing a mini retro system in the form of the Playstation Classic.

It will come with 20 preloaded games, some nice inclusiions shown in the video announcement including Final Fantasy 7 and Wild Arms, plus 2 controllers and will connect via HDMI. Sadly the controllers are only the original design and not the updated analogue ones. And it comes with a USB cable to power it, but strangely now AC adapter, so they are assuming you have a spare.. maybe from an old phone.

It will cost $99.99 in the USA and 89.99 in the UK.

What are your thoughts on this?

Will be interesting to see if it will be possible to hack it like the Nintendo minis, to add your own games to the system. That would really be the only reason I would be interested. It's also a bit disappointing that it will come with the original style controllers and not the newer analogue versions.. especially with games included like Ridge Racer R4.
Tiago 13:28 20th September 2018
89.99 pounds? I am sure you can get a real PS1 with that value and also including some games.
May be interesting for someone that wants to remember the old games, but the price is high.
A bit like the Amiga, there is the real hardware and there are other hardware that can emulate, not the same.
The question is always the price. Is it good? The idea maybe good, but 89,99 is to much imho.
Harrison 13:14 22nd September 2018
It is quite expensive that is true. You can buy an original PSX or PSOne for as little as 10. And many games can by found for a few pounds. However try buying Wild Arms which will be included with the classic, or many of the other collectable RPGs and other genres now. Some are really silly prices now, although many were always actually commanding quite a lot.

But this classic isn't really aimed at us reteo gamers directly. As you said, it's preying on nostalgia. So many people bought a PSX at time because it was the must have gaming system and they were casual gamers. When it went out of favour they threw them away. Fat forward and they see this and want to play the games again.

Would I buy one? I still own my original working chipped PSX so don't need one. But it connects directly via HDMI and upscaled so that's a big bonus, plus the games are loading from ram, not from a disc, so quicker load times, no disc swapping etc. If it gets hacked so you can add your own games I might be interested. But with 20 games included you have to wonder what the on-board storage will be. Will Sony just make thr storage big enough to fit the included games? 20 games, some like FF7 on 4 discs, so about 32GB storage needed to hold them. That would mean limited space for any more.

Rehashing price, it's about level with Nintendo's recent mini systems, and they sold out fast. Although many were bought out by scalpers flooding ebay with them at higher prices.
Kin Hell 18:07 22nd September 2018
Demon Cleaner 09:19 24th September 2018
Playing PSX games on my PS3 with smoothing on. Why exactly would I need this?
Harrison 14:17 24th September 2018
Exactly, every Playstation has been able to play PSX games. As I said before it's aimed at the causal gamers from when it originally came out whom for rid of it, see this release and feel the nostalgia to play it again.

The only real bonus is no physical media and a very compact system that connects via hdmi with usb controllers.
Demon Cleaner 05:28 25th September 2018
And quite portable I guess.
Harrison 07:52 25th September 2018
Definitively portable. Maybe good for a bit of multiplayer after the pub as you can just take it with you easily.

As I said before I would only be interested if it gets hacked. Would make a nice little system to run titles with solid state storage.
Technooke 14:06 28th September 2018
Very cool, will it still run with the old school games or only the new feature games?
Harrison 10:56 30th September 2018
It's a fixed platform system the same as the recent Nintendo minis. Plug and play. It plays the same as the original and will come with 20 of the best games from the system built in, identical to how they were when originally released.
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