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Thread: Playstation Classic announced
Demon Cleaner 03:35 25th January 2019
Is it not that the SNES mini's hardware is a bit more powerful than the one of the PSX? Thus making sense buying that one for hacking and running emulation, although I think the PSX controllers are way better.

This made me think:

But apparently RetroArch runs perfectly on the Playstation too, plus the emulator of RetroArch runs PSX games a lot better than their built in one, strange enough.
Demon Cleaner 06:58 28th January 2019
I bought one, gonna see what's possible with RetroArch. Seems to work fine, and I wanna try myself. Costs only 55, so not really an investment.
Harrison 08:41 31st January 2019
I've not bought a Playstation Classic yet, although they have them in a store called Argos for 49.99, and as they are a part of the Sainsbury's supermarket group they use the Nectar reward points scheme, which I currently have about 40 in points. Very tempting to grab one as it would only cost be 10. lol.

Regarding the SNES Mini, I'm not sure if that or the PSX Classic has the more powerful hardware. But, concerning the controllers, the SNES Mini is compatible with the Wii Classic controller, which is a pretty good controller for emulation. Plus it has analogue sticks, whereas the PSX Classic doesn't, so not really any good for things like N64 emulation.
Demon Cleaner 11:34 31st January 2019
I saw videos where people are using PS4 controllers with the PSX Classic, apparently it works fine.
Harrison 18:42 2nd February 2019
Really? That's interesting. Via usb cable I assume?

Definitely tempted to grab one. Some people have reported finding them discounted to clear in Tesco supermarkets for 25. Might go into my local one on Monday and check. Would rather do that than waste my Nectar points.

SNES and Nes mini both use the same proprietary connector as the Wii Numchuck connector, which is why the Wii classic controller works.
Demon Cleaner 15:05 6th February 2019
There's a 8Bitdo Wireless Adapter device which lets you use them with Bluetooth.

Check here:
Harrison 15:51 11th February 2019
Nice find. Are you getting one? The cables are definitely not long enough on the Snes mini controllers, and I bet it's thr same on the PS classic.
Demon Cleaner 03:25 12th February 2019
I have 2 USB 5m extension cables, not yet planning to get those dongles. Anyways, I'm still in the setup process, takes some tie to put all the games, going through all my sets at the moment, to remove duplicates and stuff. Plus checking for missing stuff, takes some time.
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