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Thread: Playstation Classic announced
Demon Cleaner 14:53 16th September 2019
Got a Lakka nightly build now.

Read a lot about RetroPie, gonna try Lakka first as you can use RetroArch, which I'm very used to by now. Don't know if you can install both, Lakka and RetroPie, as this is my first Raspberry, so I have to fiddle around a bit, still a newbie.

Anyway, at the moment there's not yet support of RetroPie for the Pi4. Have to wait.
Harrison 11:08 26th September 2019
I'm been considering a Pi4 to play around with. Will be interesting to know how you get on.

My conclusion at the moment is that the Snes mini is probably still the most powerful mini system in general, but that could be now to do with emulation maturity. It definitely still seems faster at emulating some systems than others can manage. It does still stuggle a bit with some N64 games, but that's true of the N64 emulsion on any system.

Best emulsion setup is still a Windows PC. Most Linux emulator builds used by Pi OSs are quite dated compared to the current PC ones. But it's getting better.
Demon Cleaner 05:26 27th September 2019
Running newest Lakka with RetroArch 1.7.8v4 and it's running fine. DC games run like a charm, at least the ones I tried, and we are still in the very beginning of the Pi4. Still no RetroPie release for it though. Tried to get Dolphin running for GC, but there seems to be no core yet, unlike for the Windows version. But apparently it runs well.

Also bought 2 8BitDo controllers, the SF30 Pro and SN30 Pro, really nice. Only pairing them via Bluetooth to your Pi4 is a bit cumbersome. You have to SSH to your Pi4, and enter several commands, but nothing you couldn't handle. Works fine with PuTTY. They work very fine. Have still to get a bit more into Linux stuff.

Also tried Raspian, nice OS, not that I would need it, but had to try it out. Bought a Rii K22 wireless keyboard with integrated touch-pad, which also works like a charm, and makes it so much easier if you play computer based games like C64, as you don't have to mess around with onscreen keyboards.

Will eventually test LaunchBox on my PC, very nice frontend like HyperSpin, but I think it looks a lot better, plus it uses RetroArch in the background. It also has hundreds of options and fetches screenshots and stuff online, no need to do it manually, which is a pain in HyperSpin. Unfortunately it's not available for any other system like Linux, but it can run anything, not only the stuff restricted to RetroArch, but a TON of emulators.
J T 23:53 1st October 2019
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
. Don't know if you can install both, Lakka and RetroPie, as this is my first Raspberry, so I have to fiddle around a bit, still a newbie.
I was of the assumption that everything ran from SD card on the Raspberry Pi (note I've never actually used one). Couldn't you just wang it all onto a separate SD card to play with, or is there something in the Pi's bios/rom/whatever you want to call the things that would mean you couldn't just do that?
Demon Cleaner 04:45 2nd October 2019
I have indeed separate SD cards, one with Raspian, one with Lakka, so whatever I want to do, I just swap them. But you know how it is, having multiboot is just easier and more convenient, although not mandatory in this case.

I wanted to perhaps try Android, as there's a LaunchBox version of Android out since some days. But I still OCD through my ROMs
Harrison 16:59 5th November 2019
I might have to give that Android version a try. Not played anything emulation/retro on Android in quite some time.

Also still haven't got a Pi4 yet, but I might ask for one from my wife for Xmas as she's always asking me what extra presents I want. Next holiday I have off is Christmas so I can play around with it then.
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