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Thread: Playstation Classic announced
Demon Cleaner 05:16 29th May 2019
I also do it in other languages, and my girlfriend is sometimes complaining, saying that she's NOT my wife YET, but of course she would like to be.
J T 23:31 29th May 2019
So you're just gonna keep her hanging there, waiting and waiting?
Demon Cleaner 08:45 30th May 2019
J T 06:13 31st May 2019
Demon Cleaner 15:28 31st May 2019
Back to topic.

I installed Autobleem now, works well, and in my opinion it looks and works better than Bleemsync. The problems with RetroArch are the same though, as it's still the same built, I'm using 1.7.5 which I think is the latest.
Demon Cleaner 00:40 6th June 2019
Ok, updated RetroArch now to the newest version 1.7.7, UI changed completely, but I didn't try it yet.

Tried one USB drive with 64GB, the Sandisk Cruzer Blade which is in their list of compatible drives, I also tested the 128GB version but that doesn't work.

I also bought one OTG adapter, and you need to install it correctly so that the PSX Mini does recognize it, that way now, you can also use the second controller port instead of plugging the USB drive there.

- - - Updated - - -

EDIT: Tested again with Autobleem and the newest version of RetroArch and a smaller OTG, and now the 128GB drive seems to work fine. Cloned it with the 64GB drive. That's great as the NEC PC games are quite big as are the PSX originals, which I'm converting at the moment from .bin files to .pbp files, PSP format, which works with RetroArch.
Harrison 17:51 6th June 2019
Very nice. I've not had time to play around with mine much yet. Great that OTG is now working. Makes it look nicer from the front too.
Demon Cleaner 19:49 6th June 2019
Version 1.7.7 seems much more stable, tested around 20 games, and I always managed to quit the game without the console freezing. You can also now finally set a starting directory where your ROMs are in, a lot less clicking around every time you wanna load a different game.

Emulation is fine, but N64 is very slow and has graphical glitches. DC, Saturn and NEC PC-FX are painfully slow.

I have 9.428 games on the drive, at the moment (104GB). So there's still room for more
Demon Cleaner 08:48 12th September 2019
Bought a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB, PS Classic being too slow for some emulation, plus other little inconveniences, like no ethernet, no USB3, no wireless controllers plus the lack of any other possibility of emulation besides RetroArch.

The Lakka site's servers are down, no possibility to download an image of Lakka.
J T 06:49 16th September 2019
I hear that there are some excellent Rasp Pi arcade front ends to use.

A chap on another forum I frequent has made some nice posts about 'Retro Pie'
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