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Thread: A comment removed for hate speech!
Harrison 01:00 8th September 2018
Had anyone else ever had a comment removed from Facebook for "hate speech"?

I commented on a stupid news article posted yesterday. I think it was from the BBC. It was about a trans person whom, regardless of your views on this current social media hype, was clearly a guy dressed as a women. They were complaining that their online banking automatic security checks had rejected their account access because their voice hadn't matched a female voice pattern.

You just have to laugh at that as a genuine news article really. I was feeling a bit sarcastic and posted that it was quite obviously a guy dressed as a girl, and their system needs a trans option with the selection of either a guy pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a man.

And today I get an offical hate crime warning from Facebook. Hilarious. They have time to protect the feelings of the mentally ill, but do nothing about all the terrorist recruitment content or paedophile rings. Quite pathetic really. Wouldn't expect much more from social media these days I suppose. Good by freedom of speech! How can it be a hate crime to just state facts?
Stephen Coates 15:02 8th September 2018
No, but I've never posted on Facebook anyway. You have to remember that when using something like Facebook, you are agreeing to abide by their rules, just as I would have to abide by rules.

I can't help but think there is a heck of a lot of 'political correctness' in the news regarding transgender people. I've met quite a few transgender people myself, and generally speaking they are more-or-less normal.
Harrison 20:23 8th September 2018
It's not the trans thing that's the issue, but the media has generated a sense of personal entitlement for some, and it's creating some ridiculous over reactions to anything said about the subject on any level.

The amusing thing regarding my facebook comment is it was a comment of logic, and no way could that be considered hate speech.
Kin Hell 08:25 9th September 2018
Do't use social media @ any level, but I have had my membership removed on a site for using, an inappropriate User Name..... "Kin Hell"

Needless to say, after complaining in an appropriate and polite manner, my attempts of having my Membership reinstated never came to fruition.

....Just how did the little prick on the same site, get away with calling himself "Saddam Hussein"?
Stephen Coates 18:09 9th September 2018
Originally Posted by :
I was feeling a bit sarcastic and posted that it was quite obviously a guy dressed as a girl, and their system needs a trans option with the selection of either a guy pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a man
Having thought about it, I reckon it was these bits that got considered 'hate speech'.

Whilst it is very over the top to consider it hate, harrison's comments certainly aren't very politically correct.
Harrison 23:27 9th September 2018
There is a large different between being politically correct and hate speech. In my view hate speech is something like a religious terrorist group denouncing all white people.

And that is the scary and very sad reality of the moment. Everything is blown completely out of proportion and so many over react and are offended by the smallest thing. Growing up in a much tougher, more male dominated time it just feels very pathetic that so many can't just deal with a lot of this stuff inside and get on with life. Everyone is offended from time to time, but nothing will happen. With around 7 billion in the world it's more than likely you will come across quite a few people whom are not compatible with your universe and might offend you. Just move on.
Stephen Coates 00:58 10th September 2018
Originally Posted by :
There is a large different between being politically correct and hate speech.
I think the two are certainly getting closer together.

Originally Posted by Harrison:
more male dominated time
Careful... You might trigger someone.
Harrison 07:12 2nd October 2018
Testing Facebook some more I've just been banned for 24 hours! I've asked for a review because I believe it's breaching freedom of speech. I posted that the uk population is made up of roughly 55% women, and that a 0.4% minority group should not be allowed to take priority over them. Just posted facts.
Stephen Coates 17:43 2nd October 2018

Let us know how you get on with it.

If its of any relevance, there's been a bit of a freedom of speech issue here in Rotherham recently. One area's UKIP councillor said in a somewhat private setting that same-sex couples should not be allowed to be foster carers. Now people are calling for him to be sacked etc.

I can kind of see why he has the opinions he has, but I strongly disagree with him on a lot of things including this. But as a rather opinionated person myself I would gladly campaign for his right to have these opinions.
Harrison 01:29 3rd October 2018
Exactly. Just because someone doesn't agree with an opinion, it is just that, a personal opinion. It should be our right to freedom of speech to be able to voice our opinions openly. Just because a person's feelings are hurt by a comment should not allow the freedom to be removed. Hurt feelings does nothing. If it does then that person needs professional help.

It is beginning to become too common that a single person complaining about someone or something is given the power to remove or have something changed to suit them without question.

Take an example from the news last week. A bill board poster was put up that didn't state an agenda. All it did was show a direct extract from a dictionary, with the word "Woman" at the top, and the dictionary definition "Adult Human Female".

That poster received complains from a single Trans activist, stating it was transphobic, and the billboard company took it down and apologised!