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Thread: RIP EMUParadise
Harrison 11:23 9th August 2018
The end of an era for this site.
Tiago 13:14 9th August 2018

I can't say how many times i downloaded there...
Harrison 14:15 9th August 2018
And it seems it's Nintendo behind it again. Obviously trying to monopolise on exclusive access to their back catalogue via their mini systems. It's a shame the mini systems don't actually offer that many good games unless you hack them, and Nintendo restrict the volumes manufactured.
Demon Cleaner 04:02 10th August 2018
I read this some days ago, it's indeed Nintendo behind it, they were going against one site, cannot remember which one. They wanted it taken down, plus that they would pay 250.000$ per ROM they were hosting, plus 2.000.000$ per license of those ROMs, completely crazy!!!

So yesterday I noticed that EmuParadise didn't host the ROMs anymore, the site is still running, you can click on the ROM link, but then it shows a message that the ROM is not available anymore. So I went to ISOZone, same thing, tried 3 other ones I was always using, same thing. Guess we're doomed. Luckily we have great collections.

And it's true what you say, their mini systems offer almost only crap, that's why I wouldn't buy any of them. Don't need 18 versions of Street Fighter, out of 50 games. I'm using RetroArch on my PS3 anyway for retro gaming at the moment, there I have pretty much every ROM I want, and it just plays great, even my girlfriend likes to play some old games which she remembers.

Reason more not to buy a Switch! Definitely.
Harrison 07:32 10th August 2018
It is a real shame because it will make it much harder for any younger people to get into retro gaming. Original consoles and games are becoming silly money or hard to find in good working order.