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Thread: My new connection
Harrison 23:43 9th January 2023
It's definitely sad the days of the ratio sharing sites are over. Such fast upload speeds would have benefitted PD greatly. Still can be useful for torrents though.

But as I said above, even at 110mbps my upload speed is a huge increase in the 9mbps I was getting the year before. Means I can upload to servers I'm working on at 12.5MB/s, rather then just over 1MB/s. That makes a massive difference.

But not many need it though and it's getting to the point now where soon beoadband speeds will be a think of thy post for most. . In the UK BT is working to replace all copper phonelines with full fibre by 2025. This will mean nearly everyone will have access to much faster broadband, but most won't have the need or use hardly any of that bandwidth.

I remember last year finally getting full fibre and being excited at not having to wait long to download even thy largest games. But once I had it I suddenly found myself wondering what else I could use it for a I'd downloaded everything and it was sitting there idle. If never had that situation. Normally something was downloading. Felt strange.
J T 03:01 10th January 2023
Hot speeds DC, that's blazing fast

Originally Posted by Harrison:
But once I had it I suddenly found myself wondering what else I could use it for a I'd downloaded everything and it was sitting there idle. If never had that situation. Normally something was downloading. Felt strange.
I too looked at upgrading my FTTP speeds but really, there's not much point as I don't pirat... ug... upload linux distros any more, in fact it's been many many years since I have bothered. Perhaps 7-8 years or maybe even more. Probably the biggest thing I download is the odd PS4 or Switch game and I can bear to wait for those.... so in the end I decided to just leave my connection as it is.
Harrison 10:22 10th January 2023
The advantage of fttp is no waiting for downloads at all, no buffering, 4k in multiple rooms. It is worth it, but probably more so once your kids are all wanting to use it at once.
Kin Hell 07:07 14th January 2023
Here in the UK, British Telecom are f'kin useless & couldn't even wire a Lan Party up correctly.

BT bastardise every single network protocol to give you the laggy-ist possible experience & yeah, we'll still leave you on Aluminium wires....

1G down & half a G up.... Great connection DC.
Harrison 00:07 15th January 2023
You still having the same issues? I remember you talking about the aluminum wires years ago.

I've been fairly lucky here. At my old house the connecting was good for fttc. And whilst a bit slower was ok here too. And it was great they upgraded my road to full fibre as one of the first in the area last year.

But my mother-in-law has had a complete nightmare with here phoneline since we moved her near to use in her own bungalow about a mile from us. When she moved in her son signed her up to the cheapest rubbish Talk Talk contract possible still usb adsl. She was getting 1MB download and about 300K upload. It got even worse as line interference got worse and Talk Talk did nothing to fix it. Problem was my brother in law died and it was in his name so that didn't help. Eventually I managed to end the contract and switched it to fttc with Now TV. Much better and getting about 30Mbps. But then the line interference started to get so bad she couldn't here a phone call. I got thrm to check thy line and they said their was a fault on the line. I couldn't fault Now TV in arranging the engineers, but it took 3 Openreach visits to fix it.

That was last year. Then a week before Christmas it started acting up again. Sometimes you couldn't ring in. It just rang engaged. And sometimes the dialtone was acting up when trying to dial out. Then rhe dialtone stopped and it was just making clicking noises. Again Now TV were quixk to get an engineer out who checked all the lines inside the house and to the cabinet, but traced it to the local exchange. Another engineer the following day fixed it then rang me. Seemed to be working again. But a couple of days later the ovine cut off after a couple of minutes into any call. Had to wait a week because of Christmas, but thrn an engineer came out. This time he checked everything and said he could see the issue before he even came into the house. He believed the cable from the pole to the house was the issue and spent the afternoon replacing it. Seems to be working again now and the interference is all gone and working correctly. Strangely the fttc was never affected.

So fingers crossed it's all working from now on as she conducts everything on the phone as she doesn't trust the internet for ordering or banking and she's house bound, which is a nightmare in itself. Then again she's extremely deaf and refuses to wear the hearing aids she was given so can't actually hear anyone in the phone, so that's also a nightmare. Oh well, the things we have to endure.
Kin Hell 07:03 15th January 2023
Same H & we have Fibre all around us.

11 residents on our lane voted/requested FTTP. With ten interests shown, BT are supposed to action it....

Still waiting.....

Fibre installed almost ten years ago in our neighbourhood....

Like I said, BT are a useless bunch of see you next Tuesday's or Thursday's....
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