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Thread: My game now for iOS - Skill Lander
Tiago 10:22 20th June 2018
Hi mates,
My game for Android is now available for iOS.

You can get it here:

Harrison 13:34 20th June 2018
How is it doing on Android?

How hard was it to port over to iOS? Do you have to pay much to develop for Apple platforms?
Tiago 15:47 20th June 2018
Well, i did it with a friend, and he already has a developer account, so we didn't pay. It was just another title. But is around 99 dollars per year.
The android version has around 1100 downloads. Not much, but the market is difficult. This was for fun, so we don't complain.
Kin Hell 13:12 24th June 2018
Nice one fella.