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Thread: Site fund raising
Harrison 14:40 23rd August 2018
Best to send directly to my PayPal account to avoid excess fees.
Tiago 11:28 24th August 2018
Just send you 30 Euros, should be around 25,71 Pounds.
Harrison 15:58 24th August 2018
Brilliant. Thank you.
Kin Hell 19:12 29th August 2018

....FTP space Dave!....

....Still on bloody AmiBay....

Send me the deets for space & I will make PP payment as soon as.
Stephen Coates 21:55 13th October 2018
I just sent you a 30 donation via PayPal. I selected the option to 'send money to family or friends', but I used a debit card, so I've no idea if you'll get charged a fee. Please let me know if you do or don't.
Harrison 10:37 14th October 2018
Thanks Steve. It didn't change any fees so that was good.

Gong to start testing our upgrade options very soon.
Submeg 20:10 1st March 2019
So where does CA stand? One thing I have found (and everyone else has too) in life is it never goes to plan; thinking there is time, and actually having time and then using the time for the thing you want is very tricky...
J T 01:57 4th March 2019
Dunno about CA but I'm practically on my ass on the floor. Dig a hole and chuck me in it
Harrison 10:14 7th March 2019
Where does it stand? As in its future? It's not disappearing as it's had many years of love put into it in the past, and the forum is our home.

Regarding future development. As said, we all have real life getting in the way. It will however get dragged into the modern era fairly soon. I had to put any real plans on hold in recent years due initially to being a full time dad, then to my old house flooding twice and having to move into rented twice, and then my new house being a big renovation and restoration project (returning it to its 1030s glory has so far taken 3 years). Plus lots of family events, the most recent being my Mothrr-in-law's move very close to us in a nice bungalow last thursday.

Hopefully life won't throw anything else my way, although my brother-in-law's liver cancer is terminal, so that's going to happen at some point possibly this year.
Kin Hell 13:46 13th March 2019
How much have we got in the Kitty now H?
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