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Thread: Site fund raising
Harrison 14:40 23rd August 2018
Best to send directly to my PayPal account to avoid excess fees.
Tiago 11:28 24th August 2018
Just send you 30 Euros, should be around 25,71 Pounds.
Harrison 15:58 24th August 2018
Brilliant. Thank you.
Kin Hell 19:12 29th August 2018

....FTP space Dave!....

....Still on bloody AmiBay....

Send me the deets for space & I will make PP payment as soon as.
Stephen Coates 21:55 13th October 2018
I just sent you a 30 donation via PayPal. I selected the option to 'send money to family or friends', but I used a debit card, so I've no idea if you'll get charged a fee. Please let me know if you do or don't.
Harrison 10:37 14th October 2018
Thanks Steve. It didn't change any fees so that was good.

Gong to start testing our upgrade options very soon.
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