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Thread: Site fund raising
Harrison 08:43 5th July 2018
I fully understand that and you are correct. The only reason these forums used to be very active is because I used to try and generate new content daily and keep the momentum going.

Since I became a dad in 2012, then moved in late 2015 and took on this house renovation the whole site and forum took a back seat and has just been ticking along unchanged. House will be finished this summer however and Tom will be starting year 2 at school, meaning I will suddenly have free time on my hands come thr autumn, which is what sparked this idea to begin work again.

The main reason to consider the forum software upgrade is actually out of necessity because our existing platform vBulletin 4 is actually in maintenance status with just security patch updated, and this is about to end and version 4 will be abandoned. Not always an issue in the past if you didn't need to update it and it's working ok. However as technology moves on, and international security regulations with them, out of date sites relying on older versions of software reach a point where the server's hosts actively disable them from working. It hasn't reached that point yet here, but we already have to use a server patch to allow the site to run under an older version of php.

Regarding, the big reason for no updates or work on the main site is because it's obsolete. It still contains some great content and our database, but the site itself is running on the original version of Joomla, which is years old. I also think its content isn't practical any more in its current format. How to fix that? Easiest solution/idea I've had for a long time is to build a new site around a commercial store cms platform, so that the creation of content becomes really easy. Each database entry can be added like you are entering a new item into a site storefront, and it can be catalogued and navigated easily just ad you would any internet shopping site. The byproduct of this is that I actually need to learn the store front software inside out before the end of this year for commercial site projects, so using it for classicamiga/classicretro would give me that experience with it, whilst updating this site to something new and fresh.

Why did the current main site fail? It remained unfinished and as a project was too grand an ambition for one admin and a handful of friends to achieve. That's why I don't want to create the same site again, and instead want to create an emulation site that just captures our passion for retro gaming and the demoscene in a form we can all edit and add to easily. Then once something is up and running consider migrating the content from the current site over.

Something I still find hard to locate easily and a single place with all information is different platforms and emulators. Loads of sites exist, but the information is scattered all over the place. For years I've wanted to draw or all together so if you want to run an emulator for a specific platform on specific hardware you can just look up the 2 and get the information. That's my dream anyway.

I also want to do something that still hasn't been achieved. Somehow get the demoscene into a wider audience. For all the years it's been running and all thr events held yearly the demoscene is still firmly underground. Not a single gamer I work will knew about it until I told them and showed then a few productions. We need to get this amazing scene out there, but not just Amiga.. all platforms! You can get some amazing productions on newer platforms that have been unlocked. Currently looking forward to see what they achieve on the Nintendo Switch now it's been hacked for example.
Stephen Coates 09:48 5th July 2018
Obviously the forum isn't as busy as it once was, but I don't think it was ever very busy to begin with, at least not compared to other sites ( etc for example).

I just had a little nosey around the main site (haven't looked at it in quite a while), and couldn't help but noticed it looked a bit "Web 2.0" like. Isn't Web 2.0 a bit old fashioned nowadays?

Changing from one CMS to another can be done, but it can require a lot of work. Some years ago, over at, the owner decided to change from WordPress to DocuWiki. The new DocuWiki site is still up and seems to work very well. It took quite a bit of effort to manually extract and transfer the old content though.
Harrison 01:07 6th July 2018
Web 2.0? That term refers to pretty much all current websites. A first generation technology Web 1.0 website generally refers to a static site using fixed code held in single html pages. Web 2.0 refers to dynamically generated content utilising serverside technologies to deliver the content.

Therefore classicamiga is very much within the Web 2.0 concept. However that's a pretty obsolete term, even when creates. Lol

Current sites are more likely referred to as HTML 5 sites to indicate they are based on newer technology, utilising xhtml and css 3 to dynamically build webpage from database driven content.

Interestingly Web 3.0 is still actually a theory and not really yet a reality. The idea is that Ai would be utilised by servers to collect all data from around the world and utilise it to build websites themselves, meaning no human intervention. That however imo would remove the whole point as the design and copy of a website is normally unique to its creator.

Regarding the site, it's not a surprise it's looking a bit dated as it was initially created in 2006 and upgraded to a newer design a couple of years later.
Kin Hell 08:41 8th July 2018
DC makes several valid points....

& with the lack of Traffic on this site..... "If it ain't broke, - don't fix it"....
Harrison 17:51 22nd July 2018
The issue however is one of necessary. Our current forum software vBulletin 4.x is at the end of its life. Update
development support has ended and security patch support about to end. Other then security the other issue is supported server versions. The server companies are quick to cut off older php and mysql support as soon as thr versions fall behind supported releases. We are already running tbe site using a retrograde php version patch, which costs so much extra every 3 months to retain support for the version of php we need. That's not going to be available forever.

So really the main issue is upgrading the forum software to either the new version of vBulletin, or an alternative so the site can continue running into the future.

However, I do also want to get back into developing a retro site into the future from thr ground up focusing on emulation, which has been my intent for a long time. This autumn will be the point where I can start to focud on personal projects finally again after so many years having to deal with family issues and house renovations.
Kin Hell 11:02 5th August 2018
Okay Dave & what's the new software going to cost so we can get away from dead end support?
Harrison 12:26 9th August 2018
As mentioned in the first post, between 200-300.
Kin Hell 11:37 19th August 2018
....and how much do we have raised so far?
Harrison 19:00 22nd August 2018
0 towards the upgrade so far.
Tiago 11:55 23rd August 2018
Can't remember how i donate last time? Is it a paypal link?
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